Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ten Big Lies about The Catholic Church (in America)

The Ten Big Lies about The Catholic Church (in America), by Tom O'Toole
It's not only a new year and new decade, but 2010 will no doubt prove to be a time of both heroic sacrifice and horrific decadence in the struggle to save our Church and country. With this prediction in mind, and with the determination to fight on the side of the saints, I resolve in 2010, along with my 25th consecutive resolution to become a better husband and father (hopefully this is the year I finally get that one right) to write the book exposing "The Ten Big Lies about The Catholic Church (in America)" in an attempt to enlist as many Christian soldiers as possible for the battle.

The following is the proposed table of contents. Unlike The Ten Commandments, these ten headings are not written in stone, so your suggestions and comments are welcome. Have a blessed New Year as you continue to fight the good fight...
--Tom O'Toole, a.k.a. Fighting Irish Thomas

The Ten Big Lies:

Lie #1 Just Another Issue?: It's okay for a Catholic to vote for a pro-choice politician -- even if there's a pro-life opponent -- if his other policies are "Christian."

Lie #2 Jesus Isn't a Wafer: Missing Sunday mass, just like not eating meat on Fridays, is no big deal for Catholics anymore.

Lie #3 Sorrow Revisited: With the advent of communal penance services (and the lack of priests promoting the sacrament), individual sacramental confession is no longer necessary.

Lie #4 Man Needs Sex!: The priest sex abuse scandal proves that the Church's demand for priestly celibacy is out of touch with "reality," a.k.a. the sexual revolution.

Lie #5 Banned from the Bedroom: Since Humanae Vitae met with such widespread opposition among the laity (not to mention dissenters among the clergy), following the Church's teaching banning artificial birth control for married Catholics is now optional.

Lie #6 The Feminist "Man"ifesto: The Church's continual refusal to ordain females, despite the shortage of priests, demonstrates Catholicism is stuck in a medievel, patriarchal view that says women are inferior.

Lie #7 Openness the Key to Knowledge?: Since Catholic schools, especially universities, must maintain academic freedom in order for students to be truly educated, their professors and administators are not bound to teach (or believe) Church doctrine.

Lie #8 Worshiping Mary and Purchasing Salvation: Because Catholics pray to saints and believe that they can earn their way into heaven, they aren't really Christians (includes the corollary Lie "8.5," or Catholics Only Need Apply: Since Catholicism teaches it is the One True Church, Catholics believe everyone else is going to hell).

Lie #9 Withholding Taxes Equals Wimpy Sermons: Since the Catholic Church in America could not survive without its tax exempt status, the US bishops and priests cannot endorse specific candidates or speak out on political issues.

Lie #10 The "Lie" of the Tiger: Because the Church is so corrupt, there are no Catholic saints or heroes anymore.


Anonymous said...

Can I order a copy now?

Lie #3 At our parish for the week before Christmas, during the 8AM, Noon, and 6:30 PM Daily Masses there were 3 or 4 priests hearing Confessions from before Mass time, during Mass and well after Mass. That was Monday through Thursday.... There were also
lots of confessions on the weekend and in the week before. But long confession lines are produced by one thing: good solid preaching.
Our priests preach the truths of the faith, plus the 4 last things, plus frequent confession, plus the need to pray. The priest can not assume that people know anything about what a sin is.... if you will begin telling them things are sins they start going to confession. Assume nothing!

Happy New Year's to all of you!


Steven P. Cornett said...

I'll happily take a copy as well.

Another common lie is the one about scandal: "Since all the leaders of the Church are corrupt, I don't have to listen to anything they say and still be a called a Catholic."

Usually tied to things like Moral Relativism and sexual issues like contraception, such as Sean Hannity's blowup against Fr. Thomas Euteneuer on Fox's Hannity and Combes. One can be quite sincere about one's "Faith" and still be a sincere heretic, because you are then sincerely worng.

Anonymous said...

Great list, Tom. All ten are worthy of extensive commentary. Interesting how four of the issues (1, 3, 4, and 5) are linked to sex and sexuality. It seems that the communication of an authentic theology of the body is even more necessary now than it first was when John Paul undertook the task. Much of the list also calls to mind Benedict's warning that we must continue to fight against the dictatorship of relativism. Good luck!