Monday, February 01, 2010

F.I.T. says: Andrzejewski "Fit" for Governor

Adam Andrzejewski; Click to be taken to his Web site.After praying to John Paul II for inspiration, and seeing Lech Walesa's 11th-hour endorsement as confirmation, Fighting Irish Thomas wholeheartedly backs Adam Andrzejewski in his bid for governor. Unequivocally pro-life, Andrzejewski gets the nod over other anti-abortion candidates such as Dan Proft, whose poll numbers are slipping, whereas Adam's are surging, and Jim Ryan, who did not even inspire enough enthusiasm to beat the clown-crook governor, Rod "The Hair" Blagojevich, and certainly can't be counted on to beat either the slippery Dan Hynes or the (sort of) "Mighty" Quinn. Meanwhile, speaking of slippery, Andy "moneybags" McKenna's pro-life stance is buried far down on his Web site for a reason; it means that, like his well-connected pro-choice Democratic cronies, Handy Andy simply can't be trusted.

So here's praying the other pro-life candidates will join in the new solidarity movement, realize Andrzejewski is the pro-life people's choice, drop out now, and rally around Adam. Either way, Illinois, let's make our voices heard. Remember, if Walesa endorses him, it surely means Andrzejewski can't be "Lech-ed!"

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