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Will Father Thomas Euteneuer's "Demonic Abortion" end abortion or Euteneuer?

It is proper for the noblest hearts to discover the most urgent need of their epoch and to consecrate themselves to it. --Father Lacordaire, a famous French priest quoted by Father Euteneuer in the introduction of his book Demonic Abortion

Sidewalk counselor: 'You can't go to heaven unrepentant, George; you are going to Hell.' Abortionist George Tiller: 'Abortion is worth going to Hell for.' --from Demonic Abortion (pg. 82)
Commenting on the above quote by Lacordaire, the Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, former [my emphasis] president of Human Life International, perfectly sums up the purpose of both his powerful "little book" Demonic Abortion and his provocative pro-life ministry in saying, "There is little doubt that many of those who strive for holiness today will consecrate themselves to the most urgent need of our epoch: namely, putting an end to the wholesale slaughter of the innocents by modern day Herods and Pharaohs" (pg. 1). And, despite its modest length of a mere 120 pages, there can be little doubt that "this manual," which, according to Euteneuer, "is meant to wake people up and call them to the battle to save lives and souls" (pg. 1), has done its work well. Indeed, perhaps too well; for months after DA was released last year, Euteneuer mysteriously resigned from HLI, leaving many of his baffled pro-life fans to wonder if his latest book would also be his last.

Showing how being "pro-choice" is not a mere political opinion but in fact a worldview; one which John Paul II dubbed "the culture of death," Euteneuer then demonstrates how the "unholy trinity" of "contraception, comprehensive sex education and abortion" has undermined (and in some places killed) our traditional views on "life, marriage and family" (pg. 15).

"Passing from the idea that a child is an 'inconvenience' (contraception) to the idea that a child is 'irresponsible' (sex education) to the idea that the child is a 'problem' or 'crisis' that can only be solved by abortion is the slippery slope that the devil has created...a diabolically clever strategy...that subvert[s] everything God [made] sacred and is, in essence, 'another gospel' (Gal 1:6-7) entirely opposite the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (pg. 17). As for those Protestant brothers and sisters who are not quite convinced of the evil identity of the first person of the "unholy trinity," I would ask you to pay special attention to Euteneuer's discussion on contraception, which he calls a "gateway drug" to abortion. By "dividing the unitive and procreative dimensions of the marital act...contraception [drives] a demonic wedge into marriage...[not only] dividing...flesh and spirit...parents and children...husband and wife," but also dividing "family and society" by which it has led to the widespread acceptance of the most contraceptive (non-procreative) union of all; namely gay "marriage" (pg. 42).

Perhaps what amazes me most about the 21st century disciples of the pro-choice gospel is that, unlike when I was a kid and the official Planned Parenthood party line was that the unborn were just a bunch of cells so abortion wasn't the taking of a life, Euteneuer shows in DA that most current abortionists and their accomplices not only accept the ultrasound's proof that the fetus is a child when they murder it, but revel in the fact that they (as opposed to God) now have the power over life and death. Euteneuer quotes from a vast assortment of child-sacrificers, each one seemingly more demonic than the other. His infamous list includes Patricia Baird (former owner of three abortion clinics) who states, "Abortion is a major blessing…a sacrament [where] some women have an abortion out of love for the baby (pg. 87); Tess Kolney (of the Gaian activist Church of All Worlds) who contends, "The issues [the] control freaks bring up--Is the fetus alive?--Is it morally right to kill?--are non-issues...there's [not] even a question for most of us that life is life, fully divine. The issue is…Are we willing to [let] anyone else interfere with our choices as Mother/Goddess?..." (pg. 88), and finally, Ginette Paris (from her book The Sacrament of Abortion), "When my turn came, I stretched out on the table…[and] let my little darling go...occasionally…it is necessary to sacrifice the fetus to a higher cause...[a]bortion as a sacrifice to Artemis" (pg.90).

But as grisly as these girls are, in my book (and Father's), the soul who takes the "abortion celebration" cake is none other than that former champion baby-chopper, George "The Killer" Tiller. Not only did his website advertise your choice of “viewing, holding, and photographs or even Baptism [something Euteneuer stresses is demonic] of your baby after the delivery” (a.k.a. the abortion), but went so far as to include a "two to three hour bonding session with the baby" (aborted fetus) option (pg. 95). One can't imagine those photos of late-term (Tiller's specialty) skull-crushed victims to be very pretty, but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if Tiller was truly willing to go to hell for his craft, I guess that's the only place where such art is really appreciated.

Speaking of art, maybe the best comparison would be that, for the Christian, reading Euteneuer’s Demonic Abortion is like viewing Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ; although you know ahead of time what it is about (or even how it will eventually end) witnessing such a comprehensive, compelling display of Good suffering at the hands of Evil in such a short time is both a gut-wrenching and evangelization-spurring experience. If reading about how all the pro-choicers celebrated abortion could be likened to watching Jesus suffering on the Way of the Cross, then reading about how Yale art student Aliza Schvarts used the blood of her two aborted babies she conceived through self-insemination and then killed with the RU-486 pill (pg. 49) to paint her senior art project could be compared to Jesus being scourged at the pillar. And yet, as harrowing as those scenes were toward my soul, Euteneuer's following abortion victimization account remains for me his book's crucifixion scene:

"Before [the abortion] was done I thought of it as my 'right' and really did not think of it as wrong, but when they started the process I knew I had touched on something really evil. I asked them to stop but they said 'No,' and the nurse held me down while the doctor did it...I tried to scream…but no one even cared. It felt like a rape by the devil. I have nightmares about it...I hate myself for it. Will it ever go away?" (pg. 75).

But as much as I was touched by Demonic Abortion, it truly pains me to recommend a book that is currently not available. Since dismissing Euteneuer last September, Human Life International has refused to reissue any of Father's books, and a paperback copy of Demonic Abortion is currently going on the Amazon black market for over one-hundred-fifty dollars. Although HLI did not give a separate reason for pulling the plug on DA, their Facebook rationale for stopping the presses on additional copies of Father's most famous book, Exorcism and the Church Militant (of which DA is a sort of sequel), "[we  are] not experts on, or promoters of, exorcisms," seems disingenuous at best. Not only does the HLI staff praise DA as "the fruit of many years of prayer in front of abortion centers in the US and abroad" on the book's jacket cover, but they endorse Euteneuer's performing of and informing about exorcisms as "a natural outgrowth of his work in the pro-life field." On the surface, removing the media-savvy Euteneuer from HLI president back to assist at a small parish would be like taking Archbishop Fulton Sheen off of his Life is Worth Living TV show during its heyday and putting him to work in Podunk; it makes a mockery of the man's God-given gifts. If, on the other hand, Euteneuer has fallen a la Gibson (a source close to Euteneuer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told me "[that] Father Tom is, sad to say, in a serious situation of his own doing and may not be returning to public ministry"), his followers deserve a better explanation than a half-truthful cover-up. But whether Euteneuer's fallout with HLI was major or minor, these transgressions no more diminish the insight of Demonic Abortion than Gibson's sins could dim the power of the Passion of the Christ, and these books should not be blackballed.

In the final chapter of Demonic Abortion, Fr. Euteneuer called abortion "a huge spiritual vortex of sin, pulling people into it," and although we pray it not the case, considering his superiors' profound hush on the subject, it's not hard to not at least wonder if this frontline battler of spiritual demons has slipped up and gotten sucked down into its evil. Ironically, this also makes Euteneuer's closing statement, that most of the Church's sins relating to abortion are "sins of omission [due to their] terrible silence on this topic" (pg. 112) even more prophetic. Silencing Euteneuer's words can only compound his alleged sin, whereas publishing his warnings not only gives The Church Militant the battle plan to fight "the evil of our epoch," but may force Euteneuer to confront--and conquer--his own demons as well.

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Reprinted on Spero News and RenewAmerica.


Mr. DeCleene said...

Your analysis of this is very much appreciated. I as a prolife leader bought the book as soon as it became available, but had no idea it had been removed from circulation. And though I had misgivings about Fr. Thomas' removal from HLI (as with Fr. Fessio from USF), I had heard nothing further. There is a discussion of your article at

Tom O'Toole said...

Mr. DeCleene -- Thanks for writing and I pray we get word on Fr. Euteneuer soon.

john weston said...

Mr. O'Toole. While I appreciate the content of most of the article, becuase it is a subject of interest, I truly believe that your article is hurtful to Fr. E and to the whole cause he stands for. How do you know he has not been falsely accused by a possessed person? You resport third person hearsay about him and he has absolutely no way to defend himself against that. I wish you would not appoint yourself the chief investigator of something that has apparently already been handled by the church. This is so terribly hard to take.
John Weston

Anonymous said...

FYI, from The Palm Beach Post printed today ... "Exorcist priest exits public spotlight, mystifying many"

Tom O'Toole said...

John Weston -- [in answer to both this commentary and your e-mail] ...

First, my source IS reliable. Ask HLI point blank if you don't think so. I, too, am a great admirer of Fr. Tom's work, but the covering-up-to-avoid-scandal strategy has, shall we say, backfired -- for the Church, Fr. Tom's Bishop (and HLI) should know better than to use it here. Hopefully, they will come clean soon, or as in the sex abuse scandal, a GREATER scandal will ensue.

The apology must be saved for those Fr. Tom has hurt, and your prayers reserved not only for Fr. Tom, but the victims, not to mention that the Bishop has the courage to come clean.

Kevin Symonds said...

Just who has Fr. Tom hurt, Mr. O'Toole, and what has he done?

-Kevin Symonds

Anonymous said...

The question raised by John Weston is absolutely on point: How DO you know that Fr. Euteneuer has not been falsely accused by a possessed person?

I must point out: The reliance on a source that HLI considers reliable is circular given the fact that you are questioning HLI's faculty of judgment in its decision to withhold the books.

Thank you for the review of the books, which sound wonderful. I would hope that you yourself will break the embargo and will make them available on your website, since your usage of sources reveals you to be closely connected with the post-Fr. Euteneuer HLI organization.

Anonymous said...

I see this, if what you infer is true, as the same kind of demonic attack as Mel Gibson suffered, as a result of their bringing others to Christ. The hatred the evil one possesses one for anyone who works to further the Kingdom, and lead sinners to repentance enrages Satan. Fr. Tom should be in our daily prayers. The devil does not bother those whom he does not fear, but works with a vengence, like a raging beast, to take down God's holy ones.

Anonymous said...

We pray for Father Euteneuer. Out of all this cloak-and-dagger nonsense surrounding Father's sudden withdrawal from public seems to me to be more orchestrated than mere results of "something" happening. It is my opinion, Father is a victim.

It is my human nature to suspect he is suffering from something nefarious rather mere differences of opinion. HLI does nothing to help itself being viewed as neutral. The trite and smarmy sound bites they've released comes across as really disaffected and dismissive.

HLI's comment exorcism and their work are two separate issues is really ignorant. What do they think they are dealing with? Abortion is not like debating whether a flu shot has any value.

Here's a kicker. If HLI is so la-dee-da about Father's book, then they should have no problems whatsoever with anyone else reproducing them. Father holds the copyright, not them.

Nonetheless, all prayers and good wishes to Father Euteneuer. I will continue to believe in his integrity.


Anonymous said...

I really wonder if Fr. Tom has fallen from grace or just going through the politics of egos in the church in some manner... I am from the Palm Beach diocese and have prayed with Fr. Tom at the abortion clinics way back when...I remember all the little baby souls that were saved when he was there with the Eucharist on his person. I remember the confessional had long lines when he was the priest. So many wonderful times, he had the Holy Ghost. So, no matter what type of reliable source you have saying that he erred, by gosh, I have already forgiven him if true. At least he was one priest that would stick up for what is right and not keep his mouth shut because the diocese told him to not 'rock the moneyboat'.

Anonymous said...

From a post dated 9-20-09 entitled "Father Euteneuer tried to warn Legionaries [in 2007]":

The church sex abuse scandal was not just about homosexual and predatory priests. It was about clerical negligence and silence on issues that not only affect people's souls but also ruin people's lives. It is highly unusual that you or anyone else would want a priest to be silent on issues that affect the salvation of souls. --Fr. Euteneuer

Great quote, but it's now Fr. Euteneuer who is being silent ... and why? --Maggie

fleek said...

Father Tom Should not have challenged Hannity publically.Watch it on you tube and judge for yourself.
Jesus said, if they are not against us, they are for us, I think that was the beginning of the end to his public ministry. He should have at least apologized. I agree with father that abortion is a satanic sacrament.

Anonymous said...

Fleek, I disagree. It was Hannity who became beligerent in his attempt to defend his practice of contraception and still be a good Catholic.

We need more priests to act like Father Euteneuer. In fact, all priests should act more like Father Euteneuer. We need outspoken, strong, masculine voices coming from our Church leaders. We need spiritual FATHERS! Fathers who direct us towards doing what is right and stand opposed to that which leads us to wrong. Who will chastise us when we fail and tell us how proud they are of us when act as Christians.

I'd also like to add that we were made in the image of God. This likeness is made up of 3 persons. We were designed to give our love to another as man and woman with an understanding that a third person, a child, will come from this loving union. This is the human trinity and how we reflect the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

So when our culture practices contraception, abortion and homosexuality it is not only sinful, but, blasphemous. By these practices we are expressing to God that we don't want to reflect his image. Satan has led us, exploited our fears, into these practices to showcase our unworthiness to our Creator.

Satan can stand before God and testify, "See how they mock Thee. They would rather kill their own creations, their own flesh and blood, than reflect the image of their Creator."

At some point, in the not so distant future, our culture must seek forgiveness for our shameful behavior. And, we are going to need strong willed Priests to lead us towards repentance and reconciliation.

Anonymous said...

@fleek --Fr. Euteneur's public rebuke of Hannity was absolutely necessary. Fr. has stated pubilcally that he did in fact attempt to speak to Hannity privately and was ignored. What Fr. did was fraternal correction. It was necessary as Hannity's remarks (and Fr. Johnathan Morris' lack of addressing them) were causing scandal.

@Anonymous --Unfortunately both "Demonic Abortion" and "Exorcism and the Church Militant" show HLI as the copyright holder, not Thomas Euteneuer.

Whatever the situation Fr. Euteneur needs our prayers as ALL our priests do. Satan may not be able to destroy our belief in the Eucharist but he works hard to destroy priests without whom we would not have access to the Eucharist. A humbling thought indeed.

PRAISE GOD said...

The truth about Fr. Thomas Euteneuer reminds me of the crowd saying 'CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM' - Adele's got a real problem...I hope her children never sin. :(

EditorCT said...

Since the bishop and HLI have removed Fr E from public office, this speculation is, without question, unnecessary and uncharitable.

It is one thing to expose a priest who is living a double life - while that double-living is current and if the bishop is refusing to act. It is quite another thing to ignite discussions and fuel speculation, especially with strong hints of sexual impropriety, when, we must presume in the circumstances, that if there has, in fact, been a fall from grace, that Fr E has made his Confession and is making reparation.

That has to be our assumptions. I am very suspicious, both of Adele and of you, Tom, for your part in publicizing this situation, when, as I say, the bishop appears to have done his duty by removing Fr from public office and giving him time and space to deal with whatever issues he needs to sort out before taking up another assignment.

So, please, less of the forked tongues - on one side of the mouth exhorting all to pray for Father, while on the other side, continuing to fuel speculation. said...

For the record, Fr. Euteneur has publicly made his own comment in which he has said while he had fallen under the weaknesses of the human condition it did NOT involve sexual relations and so let's all consider the fact that this book, which is in my opinion, divinely inspired as it has the battle plan layer out in how to be victorious over the enemy as well as much much more, he was taken out. Interestingly Fr. Corapi wrote the forward his main book "Exorcism and the Church Militant" and he also has been taken out.
If abortion is the diabolical gasoline fueling the continued wounding, delusion, schism, division, destruction of dignity the person, family and the church, then shouldn't we try and take out these centers of empowerment so as to turn the tide?

I just had a speaking engagement in Maryland and a woman gave this book to me after hearing me speak on Our Lady of Guadalupe and how within the image through the lens of Iconography, reveals which and what entities we are at war with as well as what we need to be doing through her direct intercession to protect the remnant church during the season about to be unleashed onto the world. The woman I stayed with gave me the book "Demonic Abortion" and I believe it is inspired by God and that the priest who wrote it was taken out out because his book not only reveals the battle plans of the enemy, but contains the blueprint to winning the war against abortion which is the gasoline and fuel that is driving the dark forces forward in their mission to destroy the church and humanity through the loss of dignity of the human person. said...

Fr. Euteneuer was right about paralleling the Diabolical Religion that the devil set up in the beginning and paralleling it with the Catholic Faith to reveal how the enemy only distorts, profanes and blasphemes the truth, but he missed some key elements that reveal how it all ties together. This is what the enemy realized and so, Fr. E was taken out in such a way that his book "Demonic Abortion" would be scrubbed from the shelves and thrown into obscurity. Even more interesting is that his main piece of work was forwarded by Fr. John Corapi, who ALSO has been, in my opinion, attacked by the Jezebel spirit, Ashtoroth, Isis, the scorpion, whatever you want to call this 3rd entity of the this diabolical trinity I keep saying Our Lady is revealing to us through her image. Why? Because we must know who we are fighting to name it, to cast it out by it's name. said...

I am wondering if you noticed what I did, which is the inspired plan of seeing the the battle of Jericho by Joshua is perhaps the very battle plan for the pro-life movement to destroy these modern day temples. Did you know that they actually built a huge Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas shaped as an Aztec Pyramid? Me thinks that perhaps this Our Lady of Guadalupe thing IS uncovering a dark secret!

In the plan layer out in Joshua regarding the walls of Jericho, there is a step by step plan along with the modern day equivalent.

Particularly the utilization of the holy of holies which would be the ark of the covenant; Our Lady of Guadaupe's missionary image as well as the the Holy within it which is the Eucharist (St. Don Bosco).

Then there is the picking of troops which is in my opinion 40 days for life because it is infused with Divine Mercy, your love and mercy seeps and pours out and this is the antidote against the evil one.

The power of the priest and the authority of his priestly office, and the prayer for the conversion of those working there…that concept was introduced to me in about 1999 when we brought Msgr. Reilly to our town and established the Helpers of God's precious infants along with Fr. Peter West who at that time was with Priests for life.

Could it be possible, that the actually walking around the center/mill or the entire block if the building can not be encircled, could be the very thing we are called to do? In the Catholic Answers bible, it says that the walking around for 6 days with these things (for us it would be Eucharist, OL Guadalupe Missionary Image and Priests along with the Church Militant in SILENT prayer) then on the 7th days walking around 7 times and then shouting is actually an ancient warfare tactic that God blessed because it was a test of the peoples obedience and faithfulness and that the walls fell because they honored that in their physicaling the spiritual reality in the warfare tactic.

If you did not know this, then what do you think of trying it? I am sure they thought Joshua was nuts, but he did it anyway, I am sure they thought David was nuts when he went to fight goliath, but he did it anyway…and they won.

If abortion is the diabolical gasoline fueling the continued wounding, delusion, schism, division, destruction of dignity the person, family and the church, then shouldn't we try and take out these centers of empowerment so as to turn the tide?

May Our Lady of Guadalupe Protect, heal and open you to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
Christina King