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Beyond the "Grave": A father's (and mother's) statement about Euteneuer and their gravely harmed daughter

You duped me, O LORD, and I let myself be duped; you were too strong for me, and you triumphed. All the day I am an object of laughter; everyone mocks me. Whenever I speak, I must cry out, violence and outrage is my message; the word of the LORD has brought me derision and reproach all the day. I say to myself, I will not mention him, I will speak in his name no more. But then it becomes like fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones; I grow weary holding it in, I cannot endure it. --Jeremiah 20:7-9
"It's difficult to continue to write about that man, and I can't say that I enjoy it. I would rather be writing about the Irish's [Notre Dame men's basketball] seven-game winning streak," I told the father of the woman whom Father Thomas Euteneuer admitted to abusing. "But since it is God who gave me the ability to write, and He who sends you to me in good faith asking to help you edit and publish a statement about Euteneuer and your daughter, I feel I have no choice." Later, after I had found out this man had graduated from USC, I thought perhaps that God might exempt me from this story, but while the Lord admitted this might be the case if the story concerned Fighting Irish football, my prejudice against the Trojans did not apply here. The statement of the parents reads as follows:
We are the parents of the young woman identified in the public statement of Tom Euteneuer regarding his admission of being in an "inappropriate relationship" in which he "violated the boundaries of chastity" but short of intercourse. We are writing anonymously to protect our daughter's identity; she has been strongly advised to focus on her spiritual and psychological healing at this time, and not subject herself to the further traumatization that publicity would incur. Our daughter's severe difficulties in healing are currently being exacerbated by both the vicious and demeaning statements on the blogs and columns of Euteneuer's adherents and the falsehoods and gross minimization contained in Euteneuer's own (and, to date, only) public mea culpa statement. And, while we agree with Euteneuer that it is nobody's business--save the Church, the victims (and their families), their doctors, and God--to know any further details of what happened (until or unless the victims later decide to file criminal charges against Euteneuer) we can also say our daughter is gravely hurt by the fact that Euteneuer did not personally apologize to her as implied in his statement, and strongly urge him to do so through his bishop.

The Church can attest to the fact that there is a considerable body of documentation and evidence, both from third-party sources and the victims themselves, that contradicts significant elements of the public statement by Euteneuer regarding both the nature and extent of the sexual and psychological abuse Father perpetrated on his victims. Both Human Life International and the Diocese of Palm Beach have investigated the claims of our daughter (and the diocese also has investigated the claims of at least one additional victim) versus the statement of Euteneuer, and have found the victims' statements to be true, especially in contrast to Euteneuer's claim that he prayed (and preyed) alone with the victims only on "rare" occasions. Not only were these "alone" times (for at least part of the session) numerous, but his times alone with them often occurred at the end of an exorcism session when the victims were in an altered cognitive and physiological state and at the most vulnerable, both spiritually and emotionally.

To date, the statements released by HLI and the Diocese of Palm Beach also do not reveal anywhere near the full extent of Euteneuer's abuse, both psychological and sexual, toward his known victims, which includes our daughter. While we would be naive to not admit that part of their restraint is merely due to following the advice of their legal counsel, as both devout Catholics and concerned parents, we hope that some of their caution is out of a genuine concern to prevent further harm to currently known victims and/or to potential new victims. We trust that Church authorities are working diligently to insure that Euteneuer has no further access to his current victims (as he apparently did after being recalled to the Palm Beach Diocese) and pray that he is appropriately and perpetually prohibited from any kind of Church-approved position in which he could abuse his authority as exorcist, spiritual advisor, or priest.

May Our Lord's divine love and the tender love of the Blessed Virgin Mary infuse and envelope the victims, including our daughter, on their lengthy journey to spiritual, psychological, and emotional recovery. May God's grace, combined with the extraordinary strength and courage of our daughter (and other victims), our countless prayers and the tireless work of their doctors and therapists, eventually heal the victims from the abusive behavior perpetuated by Euteneuer. Lastly, believing that the resurrected Christ can bring good even out of great evil, we ask Our Lord that His Church not suffer undue harm from Euteneuer's abusive behaviors and the subsequent public outcry, but that uncovering the Truth in this case actually strengthens the Church's pro-life mission and helps us to better understand the Rite of Exorcism.

May God have mercy on Euteneuer's soul.
After the statement was written, I asked the victim's father (and later, their daughter's lawyer) a few questions about it.

"In your statement, you mentioned 'victims,' while Father--"

"I prefer 'Euteneuer' if you don't mind--our family will not refer to him as 'Father,'" he said with emphasis.

"I understand. Anyway, Euteneuer stated his 'violations of chastity' occurred with 'one person only.' Do you personally know any other victims?"

"I know of two, including our daughter, and have seen documentation about a third,” he confided.

"You made it a point in your statement to show that Euteneuer's contention that he was rarely alone with women during the prayer sessions was false. Could you give any indication about how often this happened with your daughter?"

"He prayed with her for two-and-a-half years...she said, and an eyewitness also testified, that they [Euteneuer and his daughter] ended up alone about half the time, and they met at least two or three times most weeks during those two-and-a-half years. You can do the math."

"Many of the people commenting on Father's statement said something to the effect that, since he didn't have sex with her, his 'violations of chastity' weren't that bad," I told him.

A dreadful silence occurred on the other end of the line, and, as the father of a daughter myself, I immediately knew what that silence meant, but the off-the-record statements that followed, in which he described the sexually abusive behaviors in detail, confirmed my fears. "The violations of chastity were...severe. They were..."



Indeed, the conversation was becoming too grave for me, and I turned to my only defense--humor.

"Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula [the interim head of HLI] recently admitted Father caused grave harm to your daughter. I didn't know exactly what 'grave' meant, but then I heard that Euteneuer sometimes took his victims to pray at the graveyard."

Not having a comeback for that comment, he instead ended our conversation with "God bless you, Tom," and bid me to talk with their daughter's lawyer.

Later, after talking to the lawyer (who personally could only vouch for the two victims he represented, but said he also knew of two financial settlements--something Euteneuer claimed to have no knowledge of--and assured me that Euteneuer, at least for the time being, was under twenty-four hour care), it struck me that the passage I picked from Jeremiah was chosen not just by me to describe my writing dilemma, "to speak his name no more," but chosen by God to describe the conflicted state of the victim herself. Duped then damaged by the fallen priest, she is told to stay out of the fray in order to heal, yet with a heart "on fire" that the Truth now be known, she must trust in her parents (and me) to get her (and His) message out. May the Lord grant you the strength and courage you need to both heal and be heard, girl, and, as I continue to write in order to bring this to Light, may God have mercy on my soul.

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Reprinted on Spero News and RenewAmerica.


Beautiful Feet said...

Fr. Euteneuer wanted to be an important Somebody; so did Fr. Maciel. The tragedy for both is that their Nothingness. In 1998, I went to a Legion/Regnum Christi conference where Maciel was the main attraction; there was great fanfare and excitement over "the saint." The noise was more than I could bear; I slipped away from the conference and retreated to a nearby Catholic Church for solitude. As I sat there in the Kind Silence, a strong interior prompting came over me that I needed to pray for Maciel. I resisted praying for him; I had other things to pray about. The Holy Spirit did not leave me alone. The request was repeated with an explanation: "Pray for him, as his soul is in mortal peril." I had just seen thousands adulating this man whose sordid life is now know to all the world, but was hidden at that time. Then, in my mind's eye, I was shown a "Black Hole" that was sucking everything, all light and life, into it; this was Maciel's soul. I understood that I needed to pray for him and for all those he was sucking into his nothingness. Then as now, both the perpetrator and the victims need prayer. Both men have made a horrible mockery of the priesthood. Why did Maciel and Euteneur do what they did may never be known; the black-hole of evil is the mystery of nothing and it is unexplanable by reason alone. But there is also the Mystery of Charity that is above reason, too. The actions of both men are horrible, and has caused untold suffering, but we must still pray for them, as for their victims. The deeper mystery is the Charity that is the mystery of Jesus Christ, the most vivid Somebody there could ever be. Please pray for all our priests, especially those in high places, that they remain humbly content to serve, to be formed in His love and so find forgiveness. This is the stopper for the Black Hole. Only so can the Nothingness of Evil be countered.

ginger said...

May God heal these young women and their loved ones.

Hopefully this will put an end to Fr. E's supporters insulting the victims by suggesting they seduced him, minimizing his sexual abuse of women during so-called "exorcisms", and claiming that the fact he sinned is proof he was so much holier than everybody else.

I'm also hoping it will put an end to all the talk about how Fr. E's "apology", which is now being shown to have been full of lies (no big surprise there---it was full of red flags for those with eyes to see), was some impressive "manning-up", when in reality it was simply a heaping of even more abuse on his victims and their families.

Thank you for getting the truth out there and standing up for the victims of this predator. It's about time the truth came out so that (hopefully) lessons can be learned and healing can truly begin for all those terribly harmed by this malicious man.

Anonymous said...

I urge every reader of this blog entry to carefully note the complete absence of verifiable evidence; that all characters except one are unnamed and that the entire narrative is indistinguishable from merest fiction.

Could not such a story be written about you, whoever you are? If it went viral in your parish, how would you go about clearing your name?

Personally, I have always disliked the charlatan Euteneuer and believe the Rite of Exorcism to be an unmitigated fraud. But this sort of blog post cannot possibly bring justice to anybody and necessarily brings immense discredit to the entire Church. I am sorry to have read it and will try to forget it as quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

@Felapton -- The authenticity of those mentioned in this article was verified prior to the writing of this post.

Anonymous said...

The parents' desire to remain anonymous is understandable; but why will the lawyer not allow his name to be printed? Is it ethical for him to attempt to prejudge his case in forum such as this? (Is it even legal?)

In court, the accused has a right to be confronted with the witnesses against him. In the court of public opinion, shouldn't he be accorded some semblance of the same consideration?

Adele said...

Interesting how Felapton does not sign on with his/ her full name. Oh the hypocrisy.

Teresa said...

Since none of us really knows exactly what has happened I will just say that I will keep both Father Euteneuer and his victim/s in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

@Teresa -- Fair enough! Thank you.

MedicineWoman76 said...

Thank you for this additional information. I only learned of this last week thru EWTN news.
As for the Rite of Exorcism, I believe much more preparation should go into training for those going up against the evil one. They should go to battle against him in numbers--never alone. Those seking to follow this difficult path need more strength than we will ever know. Satan has a direct entry into those flawed priests who seek to eliminate him.
As always my prayers will go out to all effected by these horrible events. ~ Dr. Mary C.

DU said...

Can you explain why you are interjecting this nonsense stuff about college loyalty and why you would make some kind of joke to this girl's dad during an interview? I seems nearly as bizarre as the rest of this.

Acolythus said...

I must ask, as Felapton did, where this authentication is. But I would also like to comment on the use of the term "Father" shows great bitterness on the part of the victim's father to refuse to use this title which is the right of a priest. It is a disgrace to his priesthood. I grant that these abuses are also a disgrace, but as we have been told from our youth, "two wrongs never make a right".

Michael Cole said...

I think Fr. Euteneuer was spending an inordinate amount of time on Facebook. The question is: why?

Barbara said...

This sordid episode has brought me to the following actions I hope every bishop will take with his priests:

1. Any priest who is an exorcist should not be allowed to have a high profile ministry of any sort. Dealing intimately (as in exorcism)with Satan is very dangerous and makes the priest more vulnerable which leads to scandalous situations like this.

2. Every priest should be under a competent spiritual director. I doubt that Father E. was.

3. Bishops should require every parish to have one hour of Eucharistic Adoration every week where one of the intentions is for the spiritual well-being of priests.

I am praying for the victims and Father E. I am afraid we have not heard the last of this. Let us not be ourselves agents of Satan. Father E. became his useful idiot in the attempts to destroy the moral authority of the Church.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Acolythus -- Of course, only the victim's parents themselves can answer that question, but until you (or even worse, your daughter) is taken to Father and is abused in such an un-priestly, un-Christlike manner, can you understand WHY they won't refer to him as "Father," "another Christ"?

Tom O'Toole said...

@Felapton -- The lawyer and parents are staying anonymous for the daughter's health by order of her doctors. But the point you are missing is that HLI and Palm Beach knows Euteneuer's statement contains numerous falsehoods, and they are doing nothing to correct it -- which in effect, perpetuates the abuse, if not starts it all over again.

Tom O'Toole said...

@DU -- As to the importance of Notre Dame sports (especially football) and faith, I ask you to read my blog entries on the subject (especially the Knute Rockne eulogy, Saving Notre Dame articles, as well as my Sports and the Catholic Fan entry, or the Lou Holtz chapter in my book, Champions of Faith. As far as whether humor can be healing, read the accounts of martyrs such as St. Thomas More and St. Lawrence, who joked even as they were getting executed. If these accounts still don't help you, then do not worry about my story, but concentrate only on the parents' statement; that should be enough.

Jonathan said...

So Mr. O'Toole, it seems you have an answer for everything.

Answer this for us please, several weeks ago you claimed that MULTIPLE EMAILERS were your source of information that Father was free to continue to his sexual contact with women. Now it is confirmed in this post that in fact Father has been under 24 hour supervision.

So in which incidence were you incorrect? The first or the second? And will you be issuing an apology for that?

Tom O'Toole said...

@Jonathan -- Euteneuer was free initially when he first was recalled to Palm Beach. According to the victim's lawyer, he no longer is.

Jonathan said...

Your post on this so called knowledge was not in August when Father left HLI. It was in January.

Should I dig it out of my records for you or would you prefer to do it yourself?

Tom O'Toole said...

@Jonathan -- The e-mails specifically stated that Euteneuer was out over the Christmas holiday ... when he had access to a woman he did exorcisms with in Florida.

Rafael said...

The official statement of the parents contain further statements that are enclosed in parenthesis.

Are the words in parenthesis added by you Tom? Are they from the mother? Did the parents included the words in parenthesis as part of their statement?

I am already seeing Fr. Euteneuer's supporters claiming this is detraction on other blogs. Many are even challlenging that the interview even occurred.

My prayers for all involved.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Rafael -- As I mentioned in my article, I helped them edit their statement. The parenthesis are used for clarification, and the final draft of their statement was approved by both parents. This contention that parenthesis now makes the whole thing false reminds me of people who say that because some minor details of the synoptic stories of Jesus are different means that the whole gospel is a fake.

Not only did the parents approve the final draft, I can tell you the mom is actually wearing a Notre Dame t-shirt this morning -- in this USC household -- to show her approval of the article.

If that's not proof ...

Tom O'Toole said...

@Jonathan (regarding your recent unpublished comment to me) -- Your comments no longer are making sense. You are obsessed with trying to make some point, but I don't understand what it is. I suggest you go to a site or place to get the help you need since I am unable to provide it. Please do not leave your comments anymore as I will not post them.

Maggie said...

Well done, Tom! Finally, the truth is emerging more clearly!!

Once these young ladies are healed and free, and ready, I know they'll be eager to give the verifiable data so many of your commentors seem to hunger for so eagerly. It'll be very difficult for them to do, but they'll want to protect others. I'm sure they already wish they could!

Let's pray that the commentors on your blog and others can pipe down and hold their water until the time when their getting what they want doesn't cause harm to people who are already dealing with such horrific trauma!

Tom O'Toole said...

Interesting commentary at this link, including some that was deleted from LifeSiteNews.

GP said...

Tom, thank you for publishing this statement! The victim referred to is a dear friend of mine who I have known for many years. In response to Felapton's comment, and others who are concerned that this might merely be an effort to defame a struggling priest, I can state definitively that the author certainly did not invent this story. And while I can understand the concern to prevent scandal and detraction, I have been surprised, in reading comments posted in various places on the web about this situation, that those who accuse others of hatred or lack of charity would themselves use such bitter and uncharitable words against those they disagree with, and indeed against those victims whose sufferings they are not personally familiar with. I would urge caution and charity on the part of all (remembering that authentic charity does sometimes require confronting and denouncing hidden evils.)

I am most impressed, through all of this, by the profound faith and trust in God that my friend and her family have shown. I don't know that I could be so strong in my faith in the face of such profound betrayal by one who stands in the person of Christ.

I am not signing my full name, as it is very distinctive, and I wish to respect the current need for anonymity in the public forum in my friend's healing process. But if anyone is concerned that people are just making things up about Fr. E, and would like to personally correspond with me, I would be very willing to do so. (My friend has given me permission to speak as needed about this.) I would ask all of your prayers for her profound healing and comfort in this tragic situation, and for all the victims, as well as for mercy on the souls of all priests who betray their vows and their role of trust as spiritual fathers.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us all!

Tom O'Toole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tom O'Toole said...

Anita -- Yes, I do know your dad quite well. I love receiving his "Holy Eucharist Apostolate" newsletters every month, as well as being a part of this group. He also was one of two people, the other Blessed (Mother) Teresa, who introduced me to the writings of Fr. John A. Hardon, for which I am eternally grateful. Tell your dad I said hello, and that I'm praying for him and his apostolate.

As far as your letter goes, I'm not so much upset as concerned. You expressed anger over my "sanctimonious yellow journalism," but fail to mention what exactly bothers you in my Euteneuer articles.

Ironically, you say you can take my response like a man, but it has been overwhelmingly women who claim I have suddenly after thirty years abandoned my journalism standards and have gone over to the dark side while uncovering Fr. E's dastardly deeds.

At first, I thought this anger over exposing Euteneuer's diabolical endeavors, while standing up for his victims, was due to the fact that only anonymous sources were cited. And yet, when Euteneuer, HLI, and Bishop Barbarito released statements confirming some (but not all) of my facts to be correct, the fire and ire against me instead multiplied. Finally, when I talked personally to the victim's father (and received additional written info from her mother) I thought, as the owner of the vineyard when he sent his son to collect his crops, "Surely they will respect him" (see Matt. 21:33-46). But just as in the parable, these angry women cast me out and tried to kill, if not me, at least my message.

So then I figured, "Once we release everyone's names, THEN they'll believe." But in reality, I now think this story will end for the doubters as it did for the rich man in the parable of Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). In it, Abraham told the rich man (now in hell), that if his sons didn't believe Moses and the prophets, they wouldn't believe even if one rose from the dead. Likewise even when every name and detail of the Euteneuer scandal comes out, many still will not believe. And I wonder, is this really because you think this evil writer is dreaming up fake victims and spreading lies about your (hollow) hero, or is it because you are afraid that I may be telling the Truth?

Rose said...

"As for hypocritical priests, they should also be unmasked. For, under an appearance of virtue, such souls hide a secret pride, harboring too great a love for themselves and making a show of their sacrifices and lives before God and neighbor. Their own concern is their good name and their anxiety to be esteemed; they flee from every tribulation, however small it might be, and have no love for humiliation and the hidden life that Jesus Christ assumed ..." words of Our Lady of Good Success (pages 287-288)

(The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana, Volume II by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira, written in 1790, translated by Marian T. Horvat, Ph. D., Copyright 1999, first edition 2006 by Tradition in Action, 357 pages)

healthily sanguine said...

I would like to echo the comments of GP, above, as I too am a friend of the victim whose parents wrote this statement concerning the nature of the abuse by Euteneuer.

I also want to add that no one who has not experienced it--including myself and probably most of you--knows what it is like to experience the horrors of demonic possession. This is REAL, and as Catholics we need to have a base level recognition of this reality. It is not my friend's fault that she came to need exorcism, either; when you read a bit about possession, you learn that it can happen to those very young, before the age of reason, or even inside the womb. They are truly victims.

My dear friend has struggled for a very long time on her own to get help (you all may not know this, but it actually REALLY REALLY DIFFICULT to get exorcism in most places in the US), and I believe it is a miracle of the power of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of good souls and the saints in heaven that she has finally been able to do so--even AFTER the perverse, despicable abuse perpetrated by one who she believed would help her be free of the demons. Do you know what it is like to have your reason, emotion, and psychological states hampered and hemmed in by evil spirits? Do you know what is like to seek and seek for help and find none? Do you know what it is like to trust and have your trust betrayed, when from any objective perspective you could hardly choose a better exorcist? If these are things you don't know about, then you aren't really grasping the full story even of what's before the public in Euteneuer's statement alone. "I violated the bounds of chastity in an inappropriate relationship with an adult woman" does not even BEGIN to describe the situation.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Rose -- Thanks for your insight. It seems what was true in 1790 is even more relevant today. Pray for all involved ...

Rose said...

What is even more important to realize about the church approved Our Lady of Good Success apparitions, is that as far back as the 16th century Our Lady specifically prophesied about the crisis of the Church that would begin in the late 20th century, including priestly scandals. It is a prophecy for the time we are currently living in. And Our Lady was both warning us of grave chastisements we will suffer, and at the same time, consoling us. She wants us to invoke her under the title of Our Lady of Good Success particularly during our troubling epoch. Through her apparitions to the incorrupt and venerable Mother Mariana, she told us that when things seem at their darkest and all seems paralyzed, that is when she will intervene in "a marvelous way." Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana, pray for all of us, and especially those gravely harmed by evil deeds, and for piests, that they will model their lives after St. John Vianney, who Our Lady of Good Success praised and held up as a model for all priests two centuries before he was even born!

Tom O'Toole said...

@Rose -- Thank you for your follow-up. Let me try to clarify. Our Lady of Great Success appeared (if I'm not mistaken) in 1610 and she was written about in 1790 (as your first comment stated). Did she prophecy about a priest like John Vianney (who lived from 1786-1859)? I don't believe she named him by name. I do recall St. John Vianney praying to Her by this title ...

dark but fair said...

Hurray for Tom, GP and Healthily Sanguine! God bless you all for standing up for an unpopular truth!

Euteneur's victim is a friend of mine too. To all of you people accusing O'Toole of detraction...I wish that none of this had to be public. I wish that none of this had ever happened. I wish that Euteneur had not lied and led misleading half truths on his mea culpa statement. I wish that my dear friend and her family and all her friends who love her did not have to suffer because of him. If you want to help Euteneur, pray for him. Moreover, pray for the additional victims he has denied and my friend whom he abused and traumatized. Pray for the protection of any others who have been the victim of his deciet and pray fot the prevention of this ever happening again. God bless all of you and God have mercy on us!

Rose said...

No problem, Tom. Yes, the actual biography of Mother Mariana was written in 1790 based on Mariana's writings which are still in the Convent in Ecuador. The ecclesiastical approval of the apparitions was given in 1611, a year after the last of the apparitions. I know it's amazing, but yes, she did state St. John Vianney's name!

When describing the mission of priests, Our Lady said (taken from page 288):

"From the 19th century onward, priests should love with all their soul John Baptist Marie Vianney, a servant of mine whom Divine Goodness is preparing for those centuries as an exemplary model of the humble priest. He will not be from a noble family, so that the world will know and understand that in the eyes of God all that matters is profound virtue. This servant of mine, who will come to the world at the end of the 18th century, will love me with all his heart. By his words and deeds he will honor me and teach his companions to know and love me. I have destined him to care for a soul, being her guardian angel, tutor, and protector, as well as sustenance and consolation throughout her suffering life. She will know him from the very moment that she gains the use of her reason, which will be very early, as I have manifested to you..."

(The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana, Volume II by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira, written in 1790, translated by Marian T. Horvat, Ph. D., Copyright 1999, first edition 2006 by Tradition in Action, 357 pages)

Jeanette O'Toole said...

"As for hypocritical priests, they should also be unmasked. For, under an appearance of virtue, such souls hide a secret pride, harboring too great a love for themselves and making a show of their sacrifices and lives before God and neighbor. Their own concern is their good name and their anxiety to be esteemed; they flee from every tribulation, however small it might be, and have no love for humiliation and the hidden life that Jesus Christ assumed ..." words of Our Lady of Good Success (pages 287-288)

@Rose -- I left your above comment/quote at "Fish Eaters" in their thread entitled: "Statements about Fr. Euteneuer and the women he harmed," asking, "What do you think of this (in regard to detraction)" which is the sin many commenters on that thread feel both Tom and I are involved in. This was the response I received from a man named "Joshua."

What does any of that have to do with a blogger making unsubstantiated claims? Neither you or your husband, Tom, have "unmasked" absolutely anything. I could start a blog and submit an article saying you moonlight as a prostitute. It would have as much credibility as the unsubstantiated claims of your husband's silly blog.

Even though the thread was closed down after that comment, it was one of the tamer ones. Another man by the name of "Gerard" earlier in the thread said to me:

How many abortions have you had Jeannette? Own up to it and let us write about allegations of "other men" who've impregnated you and are suffering the loss of their children because of your actions. Of course, they need to remain "anonymous" because of what they've endured so, like assassins in the bushes, you won't be able to defend yourself.

And he finishes off this particular screed with:

If you really cared for an allegedly "gravely-harmed" woman, you wouldn't be using her in such an abusive manner in your attacks against the priest.

Throughout the thread, as well, there is the typical interspersed commentary calling Tom "a lunatic," a "Tool," and saying he is "two enchiladas short of a combo plate." "Gerard" even mentions that Tom is from Chicago and then goes on to say, "Isn't Chicago believed to be one of the major Satanic hubs in the U.S...."

All this (and much more!) from a "Traditional Catholic Forum."

If anyone would care to read further from this "passionate" thread, once again, here's the link.

Rose said...


That is very disturbing that any Catholic, "traditional" or otherwise, would say such terrible things. But it does not surprise me too much because Our Lady told Mother Mariana that those who should speak will fall silent and that many will not think the Our Lady of Good Success devotion is good for the Church. I believe that many do not like this particular devotion because it sheds light on corruption within the Church. But Our Lady loves the Church, and if she wants to shed light where there is such darkness, I say, let her speak. Who are we to shut her up? And the beautiful part of these prophecies of Our Lady is that they have been Church approved for four hundred years and it is too late for anyone to try to mess with them. God bless you, Jeanette and Tom, for following Our Lady's wishes and not succumbing to intimidation tactics. Our Lady of Good Success promised her special spiritual and temporal help to those who will spread this devotion at this time in history. May she continue to help all those who love the Church enough to reform it where it needs reforming.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Rose -- Thanks again. Sounds like I need to read about Our Lady of Good Success in greater detail.

P.S. Our Lady of Good Success didn't happen to mention Tom O'Toole, did She?

Rose said...

Ha Ha, no, I can't say that I remember Our Lady mentioning you, Tom, but I'm sure that she had you in mind when she was thinking of the people who will help spread her messages! By the way, for anyone who may be interested in reading The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana by Father Pereira, you will not regret it. It has made a huge impact on my life in several ways. Also, Matthew Arnold has produced an excellent documentary called, Our Lady of Good Success, A Consolation for Our Times, at But don't cheat yourself - read the book too. It has given me much confidence in Our Lady as not only our mother but as our powferful Queen.

Jeanette O'Toole said...

@Rose -- While Tom knew little about Our Lady of Success, I knew absolutely nothing about her. I'd like to read the book. Thanks very much for the info!

I've placed links here for our readers: AMAZON: The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana by Father Pereira.

Matthew Arnold's excellent documentary called, Our Lady of Good Success, A Consolation for Our Times, at

Tom O'Toole said...

From an encouraging e-mail I received today:

"It is better that scandal come, than that truth be hidden." --Pope St. Gregory the Great

Tom O'Toole said...

From an e-mail received February 25, 2011:

Sorry Tom, but your Father E stories don’t look like real journalism. Publishing those horrible accusations by unnamed sources is indeed yellow.

For example, this statement from your Jan. 29 column: I thought he was a saint; but he turned out to be a bum. — an eyewitness to the damaging effects of several years of Fr. Thomas Euteneuer's exorcisms


Except for Father Euteneuer’s heartbreaking admission that he fell from grace, you haven’t been able to verify whether the other outrageous details are true.

I empathize with the woman, whomever she is, who somehow was romantically involved with Father. However, there’s no such thing as 1-person relationship. As long as she is sane, she is responsible too.

One might ask: How dare she get involved with a priest? Moreover, how do you know that the people claiming to be parents of the woman Father admits to hurting are indeed parents of said woman?

It’s entirely possible that your unnamed sources are lying. Or if they are parents of the woman in question, it’s entirely possible they are exaggerating, perhaps even because their daughter isn’t quite getting the facts straight. The supposed parents’ stuff in your Feb. 21 article is unethical and fraught with contradictions.

For example, they demand a personal apology to their daughter while saying they trust that the Church will forbid Father any further contact with his “victims.”

The writers then say: “Lastly, believing that the resurrected Christ can bring good even out of great evil, we ask Our Lord that His Church not suffer undue harm from Euteneuer's abusive behaviors and the subsequent public outcry, but that uncovering the Truth in this case actually strengthens the Church's pro-life mission and helps us to better understand the Rite of Exorcism.”

What a laugh. How could you publish that in good conscience or with any hope for being taken seriously by critical thinkers?

The writers are causing the scandal while hiding in anonymity and you empower them. You then write: May God have mercy on Euteneuer's soul. IMO, you have done grave damage. May God have mercy on you and all the other detractors.

I’m not going argue about this ad infinitum nor will I answer for what other people say. I remain shocked that you claim to be a Catholic and a journalist but you operate this way. I hope you’ll cool down and change your course to charity and verifiable truth.


Tom O'Toole said...

Anita -- You raised a valid point about the apology, as the parents'/victim's desire was implied but not spelled out in their statement. I asked the father specifically about this question, and he talked about a written private apology specifically to his daughter by Euteneuer, but reviewed by the bishop for its accuracy, as his general LifeSiteNews apology was neither specific nor accurate. They would also accept an apology from the bishop to their daughter for Euteneuer's crimes.

Some had made the case of a consensual relationship between Euteneuer and the woman in the parents' basement, but the victim whose parents I talked to (yes, I verified both of them and their lawyer far more thoroughly than I verified that you are Deacon Bill's daughter), said their daughter, after thorough psychiatric testing, was given over to Euteneuer's care after his bishop judged her to be possessed and in need of an exorcist. In this role, Fr. Tom would, after praying the exorcism prayers over her and while she was still in an altered psychological state, sexually abuse her. In other words, she was not even fully cognizant of what he was doing. You can call this many things; abuse, being taken advantage of, or rape, but I don't think you can call it "romantic!"

Rose said...

I want to say that I understand where people like Anita are coming from. I used to think the same way until the priest who married me plead guilty and was convicted of forcible sodomy of a marine. (He was a military chaplain). We must remember that journalists often use "anonymous" yet verifiable sources to uncover the truth, ie. Deep Throat in the Watergate Scandal...

"It is charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep." - St. Francis de Sales

JimAroo said...

I wonder if Richard Nixon ever said to himself in his post presidency days "if only I hadn't done the cover up I would never have had to leave office"?

No more cover ups.
No more lies.
Get the truth out.
Excise the wound.
There is no truth that this Church can not survive.

That men and women fall short of perfection and sin is not news....

The scandal is the cold blooded premeditated manipulation of a cover up. That is not a crime of passion but a deliberate act of scandal. I beg my church to end all cover ups - sexual, political, liturgical.

May God continue to bless and protect those who shine the light of truth like Tom and Jeanette.

Tom O'Toole said...

@JimAroo -- Thanks for your astute comment, especially adding the liturgy (abuse) into the mix. As Jeanette and I have been going to Latin Mass on Sundays lately, we can plainly see how far the liturgy has fallen and although the new translation is a step in the right direction, it is a bit like Euteneuer's apology, that is, woefully incomplete.

Debbie said...

I do not in any way condone what Fr. Euteneuer did, but I didn't catch any mention or realization that during exorcisms the exorcist can be attacked and tempted as well. Maybe his (Fr. Euteneuer) prayer life wasn't what it should have been while performing exorcisms and Satan's henchmen were able to get into his mind/body as well as the one being exorcised. It is incredibly sad when a man of God falls, but they are open to temptation and sin as well. Both Father and the girl need our prayers.

Bethany said...

When someone sins gravely, and then, not just once, not just twice, but on numerous subsequent occasions, does not avoid the obvious and realized occasion of that particular sin (especially, praying alone with women in vulnerability -- something forbidden in exorcism guidelines anyways), he is with full knowledge opening himself to that sin. Every person has free will -- though often impeded. Yes, an exorcist engages in immense warfare and faces attack himself -- that is why there are guidelines he must follow, in all prudence, humility, and obedience. And, this present horrible situation is a prime example of why it is so fundamentally critical that the Church requires an exorcist to be a priest of exemplary "prudence and integrity of life." (Can. 1172 §2). For an exorcist to be engaging in spiritual warfare and lacking these fundamental necessities, puts the souls (and lives) of the victims at incredible risk -- let alone his own. Even though this "priest" had an extensive personal prayer life, repeated and grave sin are open invitations and doorways to the evil one -- especially sin that is unrepented, such as without purpose of amendment and avoidance of near occasion. He very possibly became addicted / enslaved to his sin, acting in compulsion. And yes, it is highly likely given his perpetrating sexual abuse during the Rite of Exorcism on many occasions, that he is, tragically, possessed himself. His possible possession could have occurred well before this victim came along. In any case, i do hope many will pray for his healing and liberation -- and i hope very much they will also pray for the victim who could not possibly have become free from his "praying" over her, but more tragically entrenched.

Teresa said...

Is it possible that a demon attacked Fr. Euteneuer and that he was not really acting as an agent of himself? But rather being controlled by the Devil? Maybe he became weak and was vulnerable to the Devil? Maybe performing too many exorcisms? I am not condoning his actions I am just saying that Fr. Euteneuer may have opened himself up to vulnerability?

Tom O'Toole said...

[T]he "standard" way the devil possesses people is through a process of subtle and perverse invitations to gain the person's free consent. There is no inadvertent possession. Demons usually come in through some sort of acquiescence of the human will. --Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer, Exorcism and the Church Militant

@Teresa -- Although there are many explanations for Fr. E becoming possessed (if he was indeed possessed), ranging from possible abuse as a child, bad Catholic formation at Notre Dame (I can vouch for that one!) and not enough oversight by HLI and his bishop, as Euteneuer himself acknowledges in his book, he is ultimately responsible. Pray for him and all his victims.

Kathleen said...

Thank you Tom for your Article. As hard as this is for Catholics; we tend to put these type of Priests(Father Corapi included) up on a pedestal. We long for God so much that we displace our devotion sometimes. No human can take the place of God our Father. Always look toward Heaven read the scriptures and don't base your faith on any one person.

Ann said...

I landed here after looking for info on Fr. Corapi. I never heard of you or Fr. Euteneuer before tonight. I have been reading your blog for hours. You are a very good writer. Notre Dame did something right.

Thank you for exposing this corruption to the light. The attempt at cover-up stinks, I know, but never underestimate how powerful it will be to the victims to have the truth known in support of their innocence. That matters more to me than anything else in this story.

Good work.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, they will have their fill.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Ann -- Thank you for the compliment and seeing through the crap. If a thousand TE followers slander me and one victim is saved, my effort is still worth it.

Go Irish!

John C. Hathaway said...

This is really disturbing. I've been writing in Fr. Euteneuer's defense, but only because of what's been public knowledge.
GP, Heathily and Dark but Fair, if you would be open to e-mailing me, I"d appreciate hearing more of what you have to say. I may be ostracized by a lot of people for it, but I want to make sure the truth comes out.

Tom O'Toole said...

@John -- Yes, I too was a huge fan of Euteneuer, but what these victims told me (most of it collaborated by eyewitnesses) made me realize it would be sinful NOT to speak out.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad and I have been troubled over this, ESPECIALLY considering the lack of charity on the part of so many Catholics.

Yes it is one parties word against the other, and no we do not know what happened, but just the terrible POTENTIAL for suffering that such a situation could inflict should cause everyone to be very concerned for the woman (women?) who was (were?) abused.

I am amazed at how so many Catholics are so quick to offer their prayers for the priest but not the woman. It really troubles me.

Something is not right in peoples brains if they cannot put together the immensity of suffering that these women would have experienced if these things are true. Just the POTENTIAL should have us concerned and praying for her.

I certainly am saddened by all of this and hope she will heal. Father Euteneuer needs help and I hope he gets it, but this is tragic on so many levels it is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I do not like your jokes at all - they're horrid.

Please, grow up. grow up. grow up. refusing to grow up, and acting like the guy who didn't get accepted to the fraternity and wants to prove he's the funniest in the world, just wounds real victims and tarnishes any credibility you might ever have.

Tom O'Toole said...

I'm sorry you've lost your sense of humor, Anonymous, perhaps along with your name. The victim I've written about is fine with my humor/writing style, and has thanked me profusely for my efforts and help.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe a group of occult practicioners put a curse on Fr. Euteneuer. The same group put a curse on me in 2006. And no, I am not off my rocker!

May God deliver and heal all involved in this matter.

God bless us all.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Anon 7:30 -- That's interesting, and no, I don't think you are off your rocker. Actually, it fits right into the timeline of Euteneuer's (demonic) demise. As you may be aware, I am in touch with some of the victims, so let me know (either publicly or via my private e-mail) any details you are able to provide, as this information may both help the victims and help put Euteneuer into the proper treatment program. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon from July 26 - i am sorry you went through that. Curses are real. Most of us are protected by grace, but sometimes for mysterious reasons they can affect even a person who is living in grace. I have much experience in curses and in deliverance ministry so i can empathize. However... i can also say that i have never, ever heard of the possibility of a curse that would "make" someone repeatedly sexually abuse another person, with full knowledge of what he is doing, and yet he never makes changes to avoid the near occasion of sin, even after repeated times. Curses can't generally make another person evil. Sure they can bring bad things into a person's life, and bad occasions, etc., but no one can ever, ever take our free will away from us -- even until death, and even when you are possessed, you can still be a saint. You can still choose Christ. Acting in a possessed state of course, you are not responsible for blasphemies coming out of your mouth etc during those moments of demonic takeover, as Fr. Fortea (spanish exorcist) talks about in his book; but if you are committing grave sin, and do not truly repent - do not avoid the obvious and clear occasions of that sin - that's a different matter altogether.

Tony Says... said...

Uh...virtually no evidence is provided. We just have to believe what Mr. O'Toole says and what the daughter's father said. The daughter is possessed/troubled, right? I can understand the father being in denial that his daughter could be embellishing things, making stuff up, etc. It's reasonable to question someone who is's not reasonable to believe all they say! And the father saying something about Fr. Tom being with his daughter loads of times..."you do the math" or whatever. Where the hell was the father or guardian during any of this. And just because she has an attorney doesn't mean ANYTHING. How do we even know that there is an attorney? Attorneys will act on behalf of clients for money, fame, etc. Maybe he's gullible. Having an attorney doesn't provide evidence that anything outrageous happened with Fr. Tom and this woman. Where did they hear about the other "victims". From the same daughter?

Anonymous said...

Tony -- a sincere question -- what would it take for you to believe it? If the victim herself (make that victims) came forward and publicly made a statement, in your mind, so what? lies or instability, right? Moreover, what evidence could possibly be provided? What evidence is even possible, beyond her own testimony, her parents' witness, her lawyer's, and Euteneuer's admittance in Diocesan and HLI investigations, and their consequential decisions to remove him? Perhaps the only thing is that he must be forced to own up to his lies and to admit and confess once for all in a court of law exactly what he did and to what extent. Despite the torture such a situation would be to all involved, including the families not to mention the victims. Perhaps only then would you, would the world possibly believe this man could in fact be as wicked as he has been. Is it worth it, i wonder, is it worth it...