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Corapi corrupted part IV: "The Black Sheep Dog" and the "new" Luther

Reprinted on Spero News and RenewAmerica.
I have never had promiscuous or even inappropriate relations with her...I never paid anyone off to remain silent...I resigned because the process used by the Church is grossly unjust and...immoral...I [will not] commit to the suggestion of the Society [to] essentially crawl under a rock and wait to die. --John "Black Sheep Dog" Corapi, from his latest statement.
What would it matter if, for the sake of greater good and the Christian Church, one were to tell a good, boldface lie? --Martin Luther
John Corapi and Martin Luther
While only the avid readers of the "Corapi corrupted" saga might immediately grasp the boldness and baldness of the lies on BS-Dog's latest blog, any ten-year-old can tell you that the Corapi statement of his innocence and SOLT's statement of his guilt both cannot be true. Like Luther's tract on the sacraments versus the teachings of Luther's one-time hero Augustine, they are simply incompatible, and you must choose one or the other. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the "Church" championed by the Society of Our Lady and its famous former member (and his followers) might soon be different from each other too.

Corapi's five denials of SOLT's charges, while two more than Peter's three denials of Christ, are still ninety less than Martin Luther's Ninety-Five ["Trick-or-Treat"] Theses, so we (or any ten-year-old) can easily examine their contents. Now, on Corapi's refutation of SOLT's first charge, that the former Father violated his perpetual vow of poverty, we have to concede Corapi at least one point. "At every step of the way," maintains Corapi, "through the entire past twenty years, the Society of Our Lady's leadership knew of my financial independence," so why didn't they say something sooner? Few, and even I suspect Corapi himself, would describe a man owning over a million dollars in land, along with several nice cars, boats and motorcycles, not to mention a prosperous media company as living in poverty, but because he was living so long and openly in luxury, I (and many others) were extremely surprised he was bound by this vow. As Father Joe Jenkins said on his holy site, Blogger Priest, "I think that the leadership in SOLT must be faulted for allowing this situation to grow so out of hand. They should have reigned him in years ago. Their passivity has now made for a far worse and more scandalous situation."

Although Corapi's situation reminds me much of the downfall of Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, the exorcist priest who roamed the country abusing women until the outcry of the abused (with the help of the Catholic press) forced his bishop to put a stop to it, it is probably more similar (according to Phil Lawler of Catholic Culture) to the case of the late Father Marcial Maciel. "Like...the disgraced founder of the Legion of Christ, John Corapi has worked for years as a celebrity priest: encouraging a cult of personality, setting his own agenda, raising large sums of money that he spent at his own discretion, and—most dangerous of all—accountable to no one. It was a formula for disaster, and now the disaster has occurred. Again." If Corapi's choice words, "I set up my mission as any savvy businessman [as opposed to 'any holy priest'] would," don't strike you as a contradiction, the complaints on his June 20 rant should give you a better indication of his "Macielian" character. When Corapi moans here that "the Church never fed or clothed me, never lifted a finger to pay my $100,000 medical or $300,000 legal bills," when he chose to live apart from SOLT and was not exactly "sharing in common" his considerable financial empire with the community, we can only marvel at how shallow he sounds masking his greed as grace.

Speaking of greed, the BS-Dog's defense of SOLT's most detailed charge, that of sexual impropriety, is by contrast Corapi's shortest and vaguest. Corapi's one sentence statement, "I have never had any promiscuous or even inappropriate relations with her," is so legally nondescript it could mean he did or did not do almost anything to any woman on the planet. By "her," you're led to believe he's talking about his ex-prostitute, ex-employee and current accuser, but by using just the pronoun Corapi could very well say in court he was merely talking about his mother. Also, when speaking morally, a Catholic priest having sex with anyone is a mortal sin, but speaking legally (at least in a state where prostitution is legal) having sex with a prostitute is the whole point of the encounter, as appropriate as a kid in a candy store purchasing (and eating) a Snickers. And notice that Corapi didn't even touch the "sexting" charge, for not only did the Weiner case show that it is a lot easier for the defense to prove sexting than sex, but there are very few situations outside of marriage where even the smooth-talking Corapi could call sexting proper.

But if Corapi's sex defense is purposely misleading, his claim to have not paid hush-money is merely laughable. Saying "I never paid off anyone to remain silent" strains all credibility when Corapi turns around and sues "her" as soon as she does decide to talk--even when this talk is not to the press or the law but to Corapi's rightful religious superiors. Such "severance agreements" may be "standard" if you have a temper like Oprah or a "Weiner" like Anthony, but they are hardly "common" outside the world of big money and small morals.

And finally, Corapi's investigation and resignation explanations could really be lumped together, because they rely on a similar mixture of baloney and bravado. With his outright dismissal of both the legal and moral qualifications of SOLT's "so called fact finding team" and its "so-called evidence," Corapi is either bluffing four aces with a pair of twos, or he is so blinded by all the BS-Dog propaganda that he has come to believe it himself. For as much as I hoped my prediction that Corapi's lie "that if I were to commit to the Society...I would essentially crawl under a rock and wait to die," would become the BS-Dog's immoral mantra was false, the fact that he again repeats it both in his hole-y SOLT defense and in his ridiculous "Harley-Biker" video ("looks like a late mid-life crisis" says my wife) not only proves the prophecy true, but shows that John Corapi is now on the same road that Martin Luther once was.

In other words, by scoffing at the opportunity of returning to the SOLT community, and declaring the humble but holy choice of celebrating the Eucharist (which as late as June 23, Corapi called "the primary reason a priest is ordained") and hearing confessions not even an option, Corapi finds himself at the same spot as Luther did after posting his Ninety-Five Theses but before his excommunication and split with Rome. "Before God and all his creatures, I bear testimony that I did [not] desire to undermine the authority of the Roman Church or Papacy [and] will commit the most brutal murders [on those] who refuse him," declared Luther shortly after posting his theses, but not long afterward the Reformer called the cardinals who questioned him, "empty declaimers, impious authors [and] theological abortions," and the Church Fathers and the Pope "asses, beasts [and] antichrists." Likewise, Corapi (who like Luther seemed to go downhill when he lost his zeal for the priesthood) still declares as the BS-Dog, "I love the Catholic Church...and will defend to the death the Church's right to proceed" in his case, but then calls these same bishops and supervisors "immoral leaders" who "threw me under the bus...threw me out like yesterday's garbage [then] shot me in the head and watched me bleed to death." As Fr. Joe Jenkins says, what "really upsets me about this situation is how one segment of the Church is set against another. Father Corapi comes under investigation and [says] that the bishop and his superior have a right to do what they do; but next he [calls them] the real enemies of the Church. Then he claims obedience but his personal corporation makes a statement that they are under no one’s thumb...Critics and fans of the priest can now take their pick and decry the other side as wrong-headed or evil. The impression is given that the Church is fighting with herself."

In Luther's case, history shows he was also fighting within himself as schism drew near, declaring to a friend, "I am at a loss to know whether the pope be antichrist or apostle." Furthermore, Luther himself writes (in his treatise against "The Mass and the Ordination of Priests") of a midnight encounter with Lucifer where "the devil spoke against the Mass, and Mary and the Saints," but gave him "the most unqualified approval of his doctrine on justification by faith alone." I don't know what kind of midnight meetings Corapi is now a part of, and can only guess what kind of contradictory statement he will utter next. But if Fr. Joe's discernment, that the "manipulation of good men behind all these due to evil human machination and/or to the intrusion of something devilish," I would be foolish to dismiss The Black Sheep Dog's howlings as a mere "dispute among monks."


Anonymous said...

Excellent Analysis!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Swaggart.

Jim Bakker

John Corapi.

Jimmy Swaggart, after his fall with prostitutes, has come back far enough to own a cable station featuring his preaching that of two sons 24 hours a day.

Jim Bakker, past partner of Tammy Faye Bakker on the PTL Club, had, the last I heard, a syndicated show of preaching out of Branson, Missouri.

John Corapi will turn up somewhere with a coterie of followers. The question is, at his age, and with his money, why? Pride.

Donal Mahoney

emcfillin said...

While I believe it is necessary for any priest who is doing harmful things to the church or the faithful to be disciplined and subjected to the rigors of Canon law, I do question the institutional Church as to why:
1) there are no consequences regarding openly homosexual priests, bishops and laity that do not openly profess Catholic teaching
2) there is no punishment against public officials regarding the reception of the Holy Eucharist while openly supporting abortion and gay life styles.
3) why there is no punishment leveled against priest who openly defy the Magisterium
4) why there is no retribution against so called Catholic Colleges who openly defy Church teaching with some openly promoting the opposite.

Where is the institutionaL church when it is needed. It appears that it is very selective in its findings of guilt. Where are the bloggers who refuse to deal with the above issues deciding rather to deal with the sensationalism of a few priests in error while allowing a known homosexual bishop (Wiegand)run a diocese into spiritual oblivion.

The US Catholic Bishops are like the UN. A lberal group of old men only interested in protecting their
kingdoms. Not one of them has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for the faith. They're more interested in playing politics.

Terry Nelson said...

The comparison to Luther seems apt enough - I frankly hadn't considered it before. I'm still sticking to Rasputin with a spritz of Charlie Sheen.

Man - have we Catholics been duped by these guys or what? Maciel, Euteneuer, Corapi - who's next?

Anonymous said...

You call him the BS Dog, that in itself lets the reader know you have a biased view. Very sad to read this when the facts aren't all in. You call yourself a Christian?
Tacoma, WA

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see the Roman Catholics feed on each other like this. How unsavory! As a Lutheran, I find it more important to look for the positive Christian contributions of Mr. Corapi, which are significant. And while Luther reformed the "pay for indugence" scams of early Popes, Mr. Corapi may correct the misguided investigation procedures directly related to the anxiety ridden child abuse chronciles of the Roman Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

I believe Fr. Corapi is wrong for violating his vow of obedience. I personally think he has become ill. I don't believe he ever set out to "dupe" people. I think his denials of inappropriate sexual relations are clear. I don't know if they are true. But I think they are clear. Better to pray for his recovery and return to full communion with the Church than to sit in judgement of him. Comparing him to Luther is a bit ludicrous.

Suzanne Baird said...

This ordeal has been most painful for many, many thousands of Catholics – on both sides. Are you healing the pain of this circumstance by comparing Father Corapi to Martin Luther? The worst accusation against as of yet has been that he will lead others out of the Church. Guilty or innocent, He has NEVER said he will leave the Church. He has never even slightly hinted that any Catholic should leave the Church. He specifically told them on FRIDAY to follow the Church. It is wrong to “suggest” that Father Corapi’s sin is schism. Please consider the option (as a blogger) of showing compassion to all Catholics on all sides of this issue and help them heal. Whether any of us like this or not, it appears that John Corapi will never serve as priest again and that is a very sad reality – very painful and difficult for some to face. It feels, for those of us who truly cared about this man, as though Father has died. But, if you prefer to further inflame this in the "blogger media" you contribute to the hurt that many believe was caused by John Corapi.

by Suzanne Baird | Sunday, July 10, 2011 8:51:15 AM

[Above commentary from Spero News.]

Tom O'Toole said...

@Suzanne Baird -- Up until the 11th hour, Luther debated with himself (and apparently the devil) about whether or not to leave the Church. Both Corapi and Luther have (had) big egos, and while Luther's pushed him over the edge, perhaps warning Corapi (and his followers) that he is following the same course Luther did before he took the dive is enough to bring the BLACK SHEEP Dog back from the precipice.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Donal --The fact that I didn't even know Bakker & Swaggart were back at it shows their national following has dwindled. I imagine Corapi's will too; I just can't imagine what he will preach AS, since The Black Sheep Dog image seems so goofy.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Terry -- Charlie Sheen was the first wacko I compared Corapi to. I'm not sure who's next; I just hope Euteneuer is defrocked and Corapi exposed in court to the point only a complete idiot would then follow him.

Tom O'Toole said...

@emcfillin -- I did write about Weakland. Is that who you mean?

I have also written about other priests (Fr. John Jenkins and Fr. Phleger to name two) who defy their vows. A few bishops do deal with these issues in strong ways. I suspect most of them deal with the renegades in private and don't go public until the situation is out of hand. Being a bishop is a hard job, but as you say, as soon as we out the liberal ones, the better.

Anonymous said...

Fighting Irish Thomas

We all forget the teachings of the Catholic Church.
I do not know what the truth is surrounding John Corapi but I do know one story from St. Francis.

Maybe John Corapi will disappear into obscurity or whatever but one thing is for sure we forget sometimes who we are:

Back to St. Francis. The people were up in arms at the time of Francis about a local priest who was living with a women of ill-repute in the rectory no less.

They all asked Francis to do something (I wish we had some St. Francis' or some St. Someone's today after all were all called to this path and life.) about it.

He went down to see the local priest. He knelt before the priest took His hands and kissed the hands that could consecrate the most beautiful sacrament in the Church the Eucharist.

The priest was so moved he got rid of the women and became one of the most holy priests in the church at the time.


Well I dont know what will happen to John Corapi but he is no different then the rest of we sinners.

After all lets pick up those stones and see who is without sin.

Im not trying to be bold but as humble as possible in what I say.

Let us pray for all of us even John Corapi. We live in uncertain, trying times. As we have always since the first Apostles and continue to do so.

Let us pray, pray and pray as the Blessed Mother asked at Fatima.

A little fasting wouldnt hurt either.

solomonstemple said...

First I'd like to make the obvious observation that your blog is less than Christian and certainly far from Catholic (remember charity is not only monetary).

Secondly I'd like to point out that the last time I looked you were presumed innocent until "proven" guilty. Anyone anywhere, and especially via the Internet, can make all kinds of baseless, crass, and un-factual statements, and try and present them as "gospel". Shame on you.

Third. Until his accusers supply his defense with ALL documentation, correspondence, emails, letters, etc. your analysis is flawed from the beginning. You are simply regurgitating gossip, and we all know how Christ feels about gossip.

Fourth. I am inclined to ask how much money SOLT received over two decades from Fr. Corapi vs how much they paid to him to support his Kingdom evangelizing? I would challenge any of those so concerned about his financial situation to first look at their own giving. Are they sacrificial donors to the Church or their favorite charity. All this talk about money just seems to be envy and sour grapes. Did he take a vow of poverty? I would surmise he did. Now does he live like a Bishop, a parish priest, the Pope? What lifestyle would satisfy all of you green monsters out there, realizing he had to finance all his own travel, legal, business, medical, and living expenses just to name a few.

I looked into my Diocese and my bishop is traveling, including abroad, the majority of the time. He also has a huge staff. All require money. Money that comes from parishioners and is not personally generated as is the case of Fr. Corapi. So if he has a Corapi-mobile give him a break, he has earned it and more importantly God has blessed him for his efforts.

We will probably never see the "facts" of this controversy from either side and I agree with those that submit that to perpetuate it is only selfish and un-Christlike. Move on and look to build the Kingdom and not market misfortune for your own ego.

anthony022071 said...


Regarding your part 3 article on Corapi.
Father Sheehan did not say that Father Corapi would be able to return to public ministry or that he would not be investigated if he retuned to the community.
According to Sheehan,the investigation has already been done,and it showed that Corapi has been fornicating,and abusing drugs and alcohol. Sheehan said that Corapi is unfit for public ministry. Are you suggesting that he would be considered fit for public ministry if he gave Sheehan all his money?

Meri said...

I was just over at Father Corapi's website, and let me tell you, I feel even worse(if that is possible) than I did before. %50 off of everything until July 26th(or something like-don't care).

Wow, I mean, just wow! Was it all a marketing gimmick from the get go? If so, I am still comforted by the fact that he was preaching the Faith accurately. It is sad that he couldn't walk the walk though.

The only good thing that I have noticed trending in regards to the posters over there is that the number of supporters are dwindling. I don't say that to be cruel. I think he is in desperate need to be humbled. It may actually bring him to that rock bottom that he so desperately needs. If it does, I hope that he eventually comes back to his senses and back to his priesthood before it is too late. That is unless, like I said, this was a whole marketing sham from the get go! If that is the case, than may our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on his soul.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Anon 6:28 -- Write Corapi and tell him you want (per St. Francis) to kiss his hands. I'm curious as to hear what he says.

Tom O'Toole said...

@anthony022071 -- If you re-read the article, I said that Corapi would be fit to celebrate the Eucharist and hear confessions (after Corapi himself confessed). THIS is what the priesthood is about, a humble sometimes obscure consecrating of the Body and Blood of Christ, and forgiving through Christ, people's sins. That's what Sheehan promised him, not public ministry, but humble sacrifice.

Tom O'Toole said...

@Meri -- I read someone didn't plug in the coupon code "ONWARD" at the checkout, and she didn't get the 50% off! Sounds not just like a sham, but a "wham bam, thank you sham."

Tom O'Toole said...

@solomonstemple -- Again, with your blind anger, and blind obedience for Corapi, disguised as "charity," you missed the whole point, which I've made several times in these articles. Sheehan offered to let Corapi remain as an active (if not mega-preaching) priest, but Corapi chose his ranch, cars and lifestyle over the greatest gift of the priesthood, the faculty to celebrate the sacraments, to hear confessions and turn the bread and wine into Christ's Body and Blood. A real priest wouldn't give that up for anything and an orthodox Catholic should understand this.

Meri said...

I have to say that the term "onward" is really starting to irritate me. Onward to where exactly? Father Corapi hasn't really explained that either. I'm not going to be around to find out.

A poster to his site said that he should disable the comment section to quiet the "hater's" on the site. Father Corapi actually responded that he was inclined to do so but that he was willing to still allow people to post because he respects the poster's right to express their opinion.

Now, I'm really insulted. Most of the comments on his site that disagree with him are from people like me who are begging him to stop what he is doing and be obedient to his order. That is being a hater?! I guess that is the new mantra nowadays! If you don't like gay marriage you are a hater, if you are pro life you are a hater, if you don't agree with Father Corapi you are a hater! I'm beginning to be irritated by the term "hater" as well.

To the contrary, anybody on their trying to stop him from jumping off the proverbial cliff is doing it out of love for him. I didn't see him disagreeing with the poster that described the people that were not backing him up on his new "business venture" as "hater's". That really hurt me. Than in the next breath he says that he understands how difficult this "change" is going to be for all of us. Than he asks all to pray for those "yet to hear". I just don't know what to think.

For my own good, I need to stay away from his site from now on. The next time I am tempted to look, I should go somewhere and quietly pray for "Everybody" involved!

Tom O'Toole said...

@Meri -- I think the best advice is what you gave yourself in that last paragraph. Anything Corapi says now is 1/2 truths at best, lies at worst. There's nothing to gain on his site, but much to lose.

jklaus said...

Interesting blog post. Good writing! But come now, not everything said and done from the vantage point of "The Church" is on par with the vantage point of Christ. I think that we will never really know what happened here, but we certainly CAN limit our judgement and condemnation of Corapi.

Jeanette O'Toole said...

@jklaus -- It's worth a trip to your blog just to see the masthead alone. One of the best online for sure! I'm assuming the little sweetheart is one of your children (cute, cute:)), and the garden is gorgeous as well.

Anonymous said...

What lessons can we learn from this whole mess? Do we blindly trust all priests? Should we be skeptical all the time?

I was a big fan of Corapi's and would never have thought he was this type of a person...soley based on his seemingly authentic message. I feel like a fool. I'm not going to get fooled again...I hope. But, how not to get fooled? I listen to Catholic radio all the time. How do I know these people are not in or going in the same direction?!...

Perhaps, when you see a priest actively selling his merchandise (tapes, DVDs, etc.) this should throw up a red flag. It kind of did for me way back when, but I looked past it. He delivered such an excellent message, that it made sense that people should be able to buy/share it...

Pray for our priests and pray for all of us to have the intelligence/wisdom/patience to hear the authentic word from authentic people.

Tom, thanks for this website. Keep up the good work.

John C. Hathaway said...

Thomas: point of clarification. The SOLT press release does not say Corapi made a "perpetual vow of poverty." It says he made a "promise of poverty." I've made the same promise as an OCDS. It means that you promise to avoid extravagance and to live within reason in both directions--provide for the basic living of yourself and family. It is designed to be broadly interpreted, but it's still pretty clear that Corapi's lifestyle does not correspond to it.

Michelle said...

Iam truely amazed of the negative Catholic media campaign against Fr.Corapi. The retired Bishop of Corpus Christi Bishop Gracida and the founder of the SOLT Fr. Flannagan gave the advise to Fr. Corapi to seek out justice through the civil courts because they believe he will not get a fair hearing through the cannonical court. Fr.Corapi took their advise. Don't you believe a person is innocent until proven guilty? I do. I rather error in persuming him innocent than error in persuming him guilty. If it is good enough for Bishop Gracida and Fr. Flannagan to give him the benefit of the doubt, so will I. You should read Bishop Gracida's blog.
May God Bless you.

by Michelle | Wednesday, July 13, 2011 1:12:27 AM

[Above commentary from Spero News.]

bridie said...

to fighting irish thomas, reading your comment brought deep sadness to my heart, what are we doing to our brother, where is the support we as christians are supposed to give to our brother who is hurting so bad at present.He needs our support not our condemnation as we have not a clue whats trully going on. What would Jesus say to you I wonder, judging Fr. Corapi is a serious sin, its actually none of our business, its between Fr. John and God, and its to God he must answer and not to you and I. He cannot be faulted on spreading the true teachings of Jesus Christ lets give him credit for the many souls he brought to Christ, mine being one of them praise the Lord..What he does in his private life he must answer to God like you and I must answer,I love Fr Corapi as much as i love you, and all I can do is pray to God for salvation for all Gods children. God Bless Praise God. Bridie

Tom O'Toole said...

@Michelle -- I read Gracida's blog. Is not, then, Gracida's posting (and agreeing with) negative reader mail accusing Sheehan of "getting into a piss-fight" with Corapi not the very definition of what you call "detraction and calumny"? Corapi is already guilty of lying by saying going back to live in community with SOLT (a choice still offered to him) as a priest in good standing was not an option. This is the lie good Catholics must point out, because you and many think Corapi was forced to leave the (active) Catholic priesthood. He was not forced, but chose to leave, in order to not cooperate with the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Well written,...I think the writer was trying to come to terms (as well as myself) if Corapi did commit the allegations he was charged with based upon his firing back at the church.....and......his Harley Davidson jacket. I mean seriously people, does he think we'll think he's a bada** for wearing that? Also, Harley's are NOT cheap motorcycles....climbing upwards to $30K....that right there tells you he likes his toys just as every man does. However, taking the vows to be a priest you're called not to "give in" to your earthly desires.
Yes, I am a sinner too...guilty as charged and by all means do not live a perfect life. But when you're in the public eye, inspiring christians all over the would tend to think with that great power comes great RESPONSIBILITY....And unfortunately our lust for early treasures wears us down. "Love of the TRUTH puts you on the spot."

Anonymous said...

There are several presumptions that have been made against Corapi beyond failing to assume innocence.

1. He earned his wealth from his speaking and videos.
--Not true. While the videos and engagements did bring in enough for him to live and continue his ministry, the majority of it came as a result of his whistleblowing work with the FBI against a corrupt medical practice and doctors.

2. His ranch in Montana is news to SOLT.
--Impossible. Corapi has mentioned his ranch in numerous videos and television appearances over the years. Now after his resigns SOLT suddenly want their hands on this?

3. He is guilty of drug abuse and sexual impropriety.
--Perplexing. Corapi says absolutely no. SOLT says conclusively yes now, but just a few weeks ago said they could not conduct an investigation due to the pending litigation filed by Corapi. How can you reach a conclusion on all of such issues without having access to medical information (re: drugs), phone records, video recordings and testimony of key people? I presume Corapi has not given them access to medical or phone records and SOLT does not have subpoena power. He has not agreed to be recorded nor testified. His prime accuser is the defendant in the litigation so she can't say what information does SOLT have that would allow them to make such a bold conclusion exposing themselves to being sued themselves for defaming someone? Standby for news on that.
Finally, Corapi is savvy about media. He ran a media company. He started a blog, probably used all of the latest means of communication and was certainly aware of how permanent that data is. In his past life he dealt narcotics and was certainly aware of what the police could do. Assume for the moment he was inclined to chase women and take drugs. Are you also going to say that he was also a stupid drug taking women chaser? He would leave evidence of it on computers or emails, letters, credit cards, etc....? If he was involved in drugs, where is the police investigation?...Anyone hear from the Bozeman PD or the Montana State Police? Have they raided the Corapi compound to seize his stash of narcotics? If he had all these women, where are the tabloid stories, the on air tearful recollections saying "I was Fr. John's bondage sex slave!"

4. SOLT's latest release mentions a foreclosure...there's an angle no one is chasing. What deed of trust on what property? Sounds like Corapi loaned money to the defendant/accuser. Anyone want to speculate that she hasn't been paying her mortgage back and might, just might, be leveling these charges to get out of having to do so? This nation is hip deep in amateur sleuths. How about someone checking out that angle?

5. This is the first time Corapi has been in hot water.
--Not by a long shot. Corapi was asked to leave his first order as a result of making waves against their failure to respect the Eucharist and other liturgical abuses. He came out on top there as that order is simply dying away.
Corapi was accused of rape by a psychologically disturbed women but again was vindicated. At the time of the rape allegation, what did SOLT do? Get him excellent legal counsel? No way...he had to get his own and pay for it. How about when he was very sick a few years ago? Did SOLT absorb his medical expenses, co pays, deductables? Hell no.

Seems like John Corapi comes out on top more often than not. I'm willing to await more information before presuming guilt.

Yours in Christ

Tom O'Toole said...

@Anon 1:51 -- As far as the sexcapades, either SOLT's lying or Corapi is. Since Corapi already lied about not being given the choice to remain an active priest if he went back to SOLT, I'm putting my lot in with the Society of Our Lady. That is my final answer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 151 here again. Tom ol' man, the fact that John Corapi resigned does not mean he cannot celebrate the mass, only that he cannot do so publicly. He can do so privately and likely does. Only a laicized priest looses that power.
Secondly, if Corapi had returned and if Sheehan has such damning evidence how foolish would Sheehan be to allow Corapi to remain in even a reigned in ministry as a priest. It doesn't wash. Sheehan would have had Corapi permanently suspended.
Sheehan appears willing to come to conclusions without access to all the facts. Had the SOLT press release asked Corapi to come in from the cold and let the investigation progress, I might be willing to think SOLT might have had a more benevolent intention. I fear not. Where is Fr. Flannagan in all of this?

Fighting Irish Thomas said...

"Crying for Corapi" on Facebook

Anonymous said...