Saturday, January 07, 2012

Corapi Corrupted Update: The Lost Tapes—'Squash' Included

Having been busy lately trying to bolster the quixotic yet Christian presidential bid of Senator Rick Santorum (including running the "Saints for Santorum" campaign), I have not been able to provide an update on the strange-yet-sad struggles of John Corapi. Fortunately, I've found just the thing, and I am pleased to present to you "Corapi: the lost tapes" (including the previously-squelched squash talks) for your viewing pleasure. So sit back and enjoy, knowing that the bad bold bald man himself has come back to the fold, and will even write you personally about his recent transformation -- for a small donation of course.



Anonymous said...

Simply not funny. So much more could be said, but I think this is disrespectful to all Priests.

JimAroo said...

Disrespectful of priests????

I will tell who is disrespectful of priests.... John Corapi.. the difference is that he wasn't kidding.

JimAroo locuta est, causa finita est

or as we used to say in the Yukon...
"thanks to you, King, this case is closed"

Clinton said...

Father Corapi needs prayer. He has fallen very far. He will obviously never be in priestly ministry ever again, but his soul is definately worth praying for. A public scandal like this definately lumps much blame on him. In our own lives we all have small scandals every day with personal sin. Fr. Corapi claimed to love the blessed Mother. Lets pray that she intercede in bringing him to the foot of the cross where we all belong.

Anonymous said...

i love very much all that you do mr o'toole and my family and i are especiallyt hankful for The Holy Rosary and The Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament 'live'....we shall continue to support you as mucha s we possibly can, but we also must tell you that JESUS, Who is DIVINE MERCY, has clarely told us 'NOT TO JUDGE' His priest,and we find your comments about Father Corapi distasteful - None of us are perfect mr o'toole - you are doing such a great job in bringing so many to The Sacraments via your websites, especially the 'rosaryforpeace', but please, do not belitlle yourself with degrading comments about a 'fallen' priest who needs our prayers... by praying for him and never again saying anything that ridicules him in any way, you will actually achieve more than you think... trust in HIM and pray always as you are bringing us to do daily


the lemus family
santa barbara, california

Tom O'Toole said...

To the Lemus family:

Thanks for your thoughts. But, to play the "Lord's" advocate, you should know that humor and satire (as well as fire and brimstone and pain and suffering) has been used in Church history to heal certain wounds, "especially" when the heart of the reformer loves the true Faith -- which judging from Mike's comments, his most certainly does. While there is disagreement into whether or not, say, Erasmus' "In Praise of Folly" helped the counter-Reformation, there can be fewer doubts about the helpfulness of Thomas More's sometimes biting Reformation humor, since he ended up a saint. The Church doesn't require one to find satire funny, but I believe it does demonstrate that it can be an effective means of reform.

Dave said...

this is so sad I can hardly deal with it. This man is clearly drug addled. So sad, so sad. I will pray for you John, the Church will welcome you back. Please get help.

Todd said...

Funny stuff, you have his voice and mannerisms nailed

it doesn't take away from the fact that this was and still is a great scandal, so many devoit members of our Church looked up to him, as did I

Among other things, the case of Fr. Corapi teaches us two powerful lessons:
1) We should be very careful, lest we too fall as he did.
2) We should never trust in another human being, no matter how solid and passionate and devout and articulate they may seem.

A wonderful journey of grace may be marred at the end, and cast a disgusting light back over one's whole life, making a mockery of all that was good in it. Let us pray that Fr. Corapi's journey is redeemed and ends well, by God's grace, before it is too late.