Tuesday, June 04, 2013

No homo, Roy? Humbled Hibbert consults 'Saint' Jason Collins in new gay NBA

After Lebron James returned to MVP form and his World Champion Miami Heat finally sent the pesky Indiana Pacers packing Monday to return the Heat to the NBA finals, it would seem that all is right in the world of men's professional basketball. But in the new gay NBA, where a player not only is fined for bone-headed comments, but must seek forgiveness from a journeyman-player-turned-secular-saint, things are far from normal, or shall we say, "natural."

The latest episode of NBA moronic middle-school babble, but the first since the MSM and President Barack Obama elevated Jason Collins (the washed-up Washington Wizard center/first major male pro sport player to come out as openly gay) to Martin Luther King-like civil rights status, occurred after Pacers center Roy Hibbert referred to his suffocating defense on James in Indiana's 91-77 game six victory as "no homo." Of course, due to the push by the left to legalize gay marriage, a slur against homosexuals has become even worse than insulting a Muslim, and Hibbert's slur was so widely and roundly condemned that his calling the reporters "mother-f*******" during the same interview was largely overlooked. In fact, Hibbert's comments were deemed so dastardly that his apology for "insensitive...disrespectful and offensive remarks" and the $75,000 league fine were not thought to be enough. He had to get absolution from Collins.

"Hey can I get a follow," Hibbert's tweet to the media's newest JC read. "Would like to discuss something's with you."

To the casual Catholic observer, Collins' elevation to courageous superstar and secular saint is curious, if not unexpected. On the basketball front, Wikipedia warily denotes Collins' "very low career averages in the NBA of 3.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 0.5 blocks, and 41 percent shooting," before adding (a bit ironically in light of recent developments) a line about his value as "a physical player defending the post [who] boxes out well, and excels at setting screens."

Meanwhile, Collins' personal life, including his eight year relationship with former WNBA center Carolyn Moos, looms problematic for the would-be gay prophet. Collins was engaged to marry Moos in 2009 until he called off the wedding shortly before the scheduled event. Yet neither this tidbit or the "shock, hurt and confusion" Moos felt when Collins first told her he was gay nearly four years later (and just days before he revealed it publicly on ABC and in Sports Illustrated), was largely ignored by the press during Collins' canonization.

Instead, the MSM focused on the predictable political praise of Collins' public declaration of same-sex attraction by both Obamas as well as Mr. Morality himself, Bill Clinton, not to mention Collins' athletic acceptance by the likes of NBA standout Kobe Bryant.

"Proud of @jasoncollins," tweets the LA Laker legend. "Don't suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others #courage #support #mambaarmystandup #BYOU."  On the one hand, there is no doubt that Bryant is a true NBA superstar of the highest degree. Still, Bryant's moral status may be more questionable than even Collins', not only due to his 2003 sexual assault of a teenage hotel attendant (that with the help of his high-priced lawyers and lots of settlement money was reduced to a charge of marital infidelity) but also that he was guilty of a gay slur himself, calling an NBA referee a "faggot" in 2010.

But timing is everything, and if Collins' open homosexuality now raises him to the level of Mother Teresa in the eyes of the many Americans who believe everything the MSM says, maybe Bryant is hoping such gay praise will raise his daring extramarital escapades to the status of national sexual hero as well. Because once the Natural Law is ignored, all moral bets are off.

G.K. Chesterton once said the greatest heresies occur when part of a Truth is elevated to the whole, and nowhere is that more prevalent than our country's current understanding of Natural Law. Once accepted by both believers and non-believers alike, Natural Law is an all but forgotten guideline, although its distorted remnants survive in diabolical ways. For example, while the modernist doggedly defends Natural Law as it relates to preserving trees or protecting pets, he roundly ignores it when it applies to destroying people.

Thus, in becoming more concerned with keeping plastic bottles than aborted babies out of the trashcan, modern man has clearly forgotten the role nature and gender has clearly given a man and a woman in regards to making and maintaining a family, and marriage is no longer based on (divine) revelation or tradition, but on which lifestyle gets the most tweets. Jason Collins may still call himself a Christian, but one can only wonder how his hip translation of the Bible must read. "In perfect Lust there is no fear?" Or perhaps, "In the end, there are but three things that last; Faith, Hope and Lust. But the greatest of these is gay sex."

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