Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tom O'Toole: my Notre Dame RANT update

Rant Sports Tom O'Toole Manti Te'o
As far as an update on my life with Rant, I left Rant Sports following the ND-USC game in 2012. Rant led me to believe I was getting a legitimate amount of cash for my work, but I was actually paid around $110.00 for three months at 5-6 articles per week, many which took the better part of the day to research and write. Perhaps more on Rant's deception later, but it's safe to say Manti Te'o was not the only person connected with an otherwise stellar 2012 season who was duped into believing in a hope which proved both false and quite unsavory.


Michael Kleissler said...

That was a big mistake on their part. You did a fantastic job!

Tom O'Toole said...

Thank you for your kind critique, Michael. As far as RANT goes, I, like Te'o and his cardboard girlfriend, should have known better. But my naivete doesn't make RANT's lies any less dishonest.