Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Barring the door for Katie Washington: Who will lead Notre Dame Back?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, women won't have to pay out-of-pocket costs for contraception. -Katie Washington
This appointment is inexplicable, insupportable, and incriminating. -The Sycamore Trust
In my last blog, I touched briefly upon Fr. John Jenkin's appointment of Katie Washington, the 2010 Notre Dame Valedictorian, to the university's board of trustees. Given her blatant pro-choice stances, it's difficult to argue with The Sycamore Trust's (the pro-Notre Dame organization that calls itself "the Guardian of the Grotto") assertion that she, according to ST, "surely cannot be thought committed to Notre Dame's mission as a Catholic university nor a reliable counselor on issues relating to the school's Catholic identity. Futhermore, it seems to be common sense that her appointment undermines Notre Dame's position in its lawsuit against the mandate," and, in light of her appointment, unlike Hobby Lobby, the courts would doubt Notre Dame  is sincere in its claim of conscience as regard to its contraception object to Obamacare--which is exactly what happened.

Once again, the outsider (or orthodox insider) looks at yet another distressing sign of the demise of Our Lady's University, wonders how in the heck did we get here? In the end it's hard to blame Ms. Washington (who is not even Catholic) for accepting the appointment any more than it is to blame Obama for accepting an honorary degree from Notre Dame. Again, it falls squarely onto the lap (and into the soul) of Notre Dame's damned President Fr. Jenkins, the Frankenstein-like creation of "Land-o-(fiery) Lakes" creator Fr. Theodore Hesburgh. In the end, by rewarding folks like Obama and Washington, Jenkins is merely surrounding himself with those lost souls who are a lot like himself; smartest-man (or woman) in-the-room types who claim to be loyal sons and daughters of Notre Dame (or God or country) but are false prophets at best and anti-Christs at worst.

And what do we have on the other side to fight such a vast army of the Culture of Death? Just a few loyal souls like "Sycamore" and a handful of players on a surprisingly determined underdog Irish football team who still get what "playin' for Our Lady" means. That is not to belittle the efforts of Sycamore; they were instrumental in getting another pro-choice appointee (Roxanne Martino) to resign from ND's board, not to mention getting the pivotal pro-family student organization SCOP (Students for Child Oriented Policy) accepted on Campus after Notre Dame initially turned them down.

Likewise, you can never underestimate pep-rally speeches like those of senior Fighting Irish safety Austin Collinsworth, whose declaration "With you [the fans and students] out there, my teammates by my side, and Our Lady watching up above, how can we lose?" Such simple faith has galvanized all three groups before, and there's no reason (if we have but similar faith) to not believe that it could happen again. With nearly all the powerful people at Notre Dame bent on her destruction, it would be accurate to say, using football jargon, that the truly loyal sons and daughters of Our Lady's University are down by four, facing a 4th and 11 with barely a minute left. But what's so funny (in an Irish sort of way) is that both players like Everett Golson and Suffering Irish, like my dad, are completely unfazed by that fact.

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