Fr. Euteneuer scandal: the “Fiello” commentary

[UPDATE: HLI has written me (on 2-28-11) with the following: "Neither HLI nor anyone associated with HLI has hired a private investigator." They did not, however, contest the rest of Fiello's commentary.]

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The “Fiello” commentary on the Euteneuer scandal is noteworthy in two ways. First, it met the approval (as far as its veracity) by the father of the victim who was “gravely harmed,” and secondly, it was removed by LifeSiteNews (where it originally appeared) shortly before the victim’s parents released their statement with me. Fiello’s comments (which include the detail that HLI hired a private detective to keep track of Euteneuer’s exorcism trail) was also one of the few strains on LSN, the site on which Euteneuer released his apology, that questioned the truthfulness of the priest’s mea culpa.

Posted by TrustinFatherEuteneuer on Feb 8, 2011


Please cease and desist your rampage - and look in the mirror and tell us what you see. A perfect human? A sinless woman? A mother who has never failed her children? A wife who has never failed her husband?

Your campaign against Father E. is a disgusting display of evil unleashed - we pray you find peace in the truth of Christ.

Until then, know there are many who are praying for you - for despite your unwillingness to acknowledge God’s mercy for Father, we do trust in His mercy, for even the most stubborn like yourself.

Posted by oblatejm1 on Feb 8, 2011

Dear Fr. Tom,

My heart grieves for your pain! As a fellow sinner and member of Holy Mother Church, God has granted you such Grace as to come forth in such a courageous manner. I pray you will forgive yourself as our Mercyful Great God has. My apostolate is to pray for Priests, Holy Souls in Purgatory and all those that have no one to pray for them. Please know I will pray especially for you and the return of Gods’ Peace!

God Bless

Posted by Fiello on Feb 8, 2011

I have not rampaged for I have not yet spoken publicly of all the knowledge I have in regard to the evil this man has committed. And have only recently made comment because Fr. Tom chose to make a fallacious public statement in his defense. You on the other hand rampage in his defense with little to no knowledge of the real facts. Here is just a few things for you to consider:

1. It was the independent detective whom HLI hired that discovered Fr. Tom’s kept women in the Midwest, Florida, and Virginia and who knows where else? So much for one indiscretion.

2. The late night escapades to local funeral homes and cemeteries with more than one of his victims smacks of more than an indiscretion.

3. The molestation of victims during the ritual is most revealing as to the true state of this man’s capacity for evil.

Fr. Tom used his position, charm, and clericalistic hold over his already frightened and abused victims to lure them to isolated areas or rooms where under the guise of helping them with deliverance prayer would systematically begin his ritual of sexual abuse in the presence of the oppressing spirit.

I like many of you am a sinner and do trust in God’s mercy. I have for years and continue to pray for Fr. Tom. However, I will not stand by and let the great evil this man has committed be whitewashed by ignorant people who know not what they defend.

Posted by TrustinFatherEuteneuer on Feb 8, 2011

May God find His way into your hardened heart and fill you with His love - and show you firsthand that all those who repent and ask His mercy are granted it.

Father asked. It’s been granted.

Posted by oblatejm1 on Feb 8, 2011

Fr. Tom is a human being then a Priest cast with Original Sin like the rest of us. The Church approved of his Ministarial requirements for this much needed and dangerous work. I rest well in knowing that I have not personally nor do I know of anyone that was directly present at any of these accusatory situations, anything less is hearsay. If however there is a larger case to be built, I suggest you contact Fr. Toms’ Bishop to discuss the matter. As it stands, being part of the problem is not being part of the solution.

Posted by TrustinFatherEuteneuer on Feb 8, 2011


Posted by Fiello on Feb 8, 2011

In regard to TrustinFatherEuteneuer - The Mercy of God is not in question. Your defense of Fr. Tom is…..

In regard to oblatejm1 - I am familiar with the case and many of the people involved. Both Bishops and HLI are well aware of many damaging facts that have not yet been made public.

It appears to me that in light of Fr. Tom’s deceptive statement trying to whitewash the real evil he has committed on a number of victims to a simple act of indiscretion with 1 adult woman and the plethora of ignorant statements being made in his defense will necessitate the public exposure of the whole truth. So in fact it is the ignorance of those defending Fr. Tom without the facts of the case that will create the greater scandal in the end necessitating the full disclosure of what this man has done. I take no pleasure in the irony.

Fr. Tom’s latest statement will not stand up to the light of truth and what is already known. My gosh, the detective HLI hired to investigate already has exposed so much more than what has been admitted and he only scratched the surface.

Posted by TrustinFatherEuteneuer on Feb 8, 2011

How amusing that you think that anyone in their right mind believes that HLI would entrust you with information regarding anything to do with Father E.

Posted by Fiello on Feb 9, 2011

Dear TrustinFatherEuteneuer,
Who are you to make that statement? You have no idea who I am. Do you think I am just rattling on and making up things as I go? I know a lot more than I have stated to date much of which you will not want to hear or to know. The fact is I know Fr. Tom, I know the people involved, I know of more than one victim, I know his prayer partners, I know and have many of his personal correspondences. I know of his “indiscretions” I know of his late night escapades, I know of the evil he has committed. I do not know everything and I do not know if anyone other than Fr. Tom knows everything. And yes dear TrustinFatherEuteneuer - I know of the main issues that were derived from the private investigators report. The question is what do you know? And even more so is why are you defending him when you know little to nothing of this? All you are doing is trying your best to prop up a man who has harmed HLI, harmed our Blessed Church, and has perpetuated most vile and malicious acts not just acts of a sexual nature upon the most defenseless of persons in their time of need and he has done so with the direct cooperation of oppressing spirits! These acts were done with deliberate intent over a long period of time as he incorporated special techniques to gain a hold over his victims and strong armed methods were employed to squash opposition where or when it raised its head. It makes me sick to death to know of this and what else may yet come to light.